First Rejection for 2010 Matriculation

Okay, so some quick info on me and then maybe someone will help quell my concern:

  1. Age - 30

  2. Undergraduate - Salisbury University (Maryland Public School)

  3. Undergraduate GPA - 3.5, but 3.83 after the first year in which I experienced severe medical issues (two week-long hospitalizations). This was detailed in my personal statement

  4. Graduate School - Maryland, College Park (MBA - Finance)

  5. Decided against medical school out of undergrad due to shadowing experience and tired of being college poor.

  6. MCAT - 32S 11PS, 11BS, 10VR

  7. Applied to 18 schools

  8. Over 200 hours volunteering at a local rehabilitation hospital with a good letter of rec. as well as other volunteer experiences

    Okay, so I know it’s early in the process, but the only two schools I’ve heard from after finishing my secondary applications are Boston University (flat no regarding interview) and George Washington University (application put on hold for further review). These were not my top schools, but I’m a little worried about the results at this time and wondering if I’m reading into something or if there is something to be concerned about and if there is anything I can change about it. I thought it was a good thing that I scored okay on my MCAT without having these classes in 10 years, but now think they may have wanted to see more recent course work. Any advice would be great. I’m also applying the DO route now, not what I originally intended, but I just want to be a doctor, so why limit myself! Thanks for the help in advance.


Hey, Dan.

I would say don’t read–you still have many options out there. It’s a stressful process to be sure, but keep thinking positive thoughts. With your stats I would be amazed if you weren’t snatched up by someone. You just need to wait until the school who truly will value you contacts you about interviewing!


I remember how disappointed I was when I was receiving rejection letters during my application process. Even ‘no’ from your not-top-choice schools is very disappointing. But remember that all you need is only one ‘yes’ and hopefully yours will arrive at some point. You still have 16 schools to hear from; I didn’t even apply to so many, and I ended up getting accepted to two of them in the end.

I don’t thing there is anything you can do now about your application. Once you start getting interview invites, then it will be up to you to impress them. So just sit tight and I’m sure you’ll hear back from some schools interested in you.

Good luck!


I know it sucks, but both those schools get more than 10,000 applications per year!! So don’t beat yourself up too much and wait and see how the others turn out.

I am on hold for re-review at GWU also… who knows, they might get to us by March!!

11,000 applicants for 110 seats

<1% get in.

It is early in the adcom review process and you have applied to 18 schools. Don’t let a couple a early rejections cloud your view

  • gabelerman Said:
11,000 applicants for 110 seats

<1% get in.

While this number is accurate, it is slightly misleading. The vast majority of those applicants have applied to multiple schools. Therefore, how many total seats across multiple medical schools is this pool of 11,000 applicants vying for? So a more useful statistic is the about 3:1 ratio of total applicants to total medical school seats across the USA.

But there are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics. These numbers at the moment do not give you any help, so here is a suggestion for something that might

Send a short well-written note for reconsideration. This is something that Judy Colwell stresses and my favorite saying of hers "If you don't ask, they can't say yes."

If I were writing one it would be simply:

I respectfully ask for reconsideration of my application to BU SOM. I believe that my GPA of 3.83 from sophomore to senior year and my MCAT score of 32 better reflects my true academic ability than my overall GPA of 3.5, which was mostly due illness and hospitalizations when I was a freshman. These are explained fully in my personal statement. My strong desire to attend Boston University for it [what are YOUR reasons].

End with something like "Again, thank you for your consideration." the whole thing should be ONE well-written paragraph of no more than 6-8 sentences.

As I heard from Judy and other adcoms members, most schools will pull the file and review it to see if something was missed. Perhaps your overall GPA and MCAT score didn't make their numeric cutoff. Having someone review the file may get you back into the running

The worst they could do is say no. Since they have already done that, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a no risk move. Do it! And we expect a full status report when it is sent and any response you get.

Thanks for the advice everyone, it sure does help me to feel better. Also, I will definitely take your advice and write to BU - no idea this was even an option honestly. Thanks again and I will keep everyone posted here - I am once again confident I will have good news in the future.



Great advice…I really appreciate it…

Just got my first rejection too, from UNMC(Nebraska)! :S

I realise they take very few OOS, but they say you can appeal if you “Overcame adversity in your personal life or education, surmounting personal or family financial challenges, overcoming medical challenges for yourself or loved ones, or have special attributes or experiences that distinguish you as an applicant. High MCAT scores and GPA alone are not considered valid criteria for appeal”. I believe all of these criteria apply to me (especially the MCAT/GPA, har har), but I’m not sure if/how I should appeal.

I think they rejected me immediately (well, as soon as I paid them), so it may have been an OOS numbers thing, in which case I can’t imagine how my “personal” appeal will help. If they HAVE thoroughly read my primary, then how do I draw attention to the above factors without sounding whiny or redundant (overcoming academic adversity and medical challenges were addressed in my primary and PS)?

Just received notice today from Georgetown that they are also not going to interview me, despite having a letter from one of their alumni that used to be on the admissions committee and I personally shadowed! Really starting to wonder what is wrong with my application at this point. Trying not to get too down on myself, but this was my second choice behind Maryland and I haven’t heard from them regarding an interview either way yet. I will keep all of you posted.

hi dan, i’m also in the thick of applying to med schools right now and i know how daunting and frustrating it can be. can you afford to apply to more schools? i have very similar gpa/mcat scores to yours and 30 schools is not considered unreasonable.

also, i noticed that you didn’t list any research experience. perhaps that’s why you’re being passed over? if you can get in a lab, even now, you can send a letter to your schools for which you’re still in the running and let them know what new stuff you’re doing to demonstrate your commitment and how you’re even more awesome now than u were before!

it’s still so early in the process, i wouldn’t stress too much about it. but maybe some of my suggestions will give you some food for thought…

also, if you go on SDN, there are tons of great resources in terms of how long it will take to hear back from each school, backgrounds of people who get accepted, etc etc…

good luck!!

Spoke with the physician that wrote a letter of rec for me for Georgetown (he’s an alum that used to be on the admissions committee) and he has no idea why I wasn’t offered an interview. He stated I should write a letter reaffirming my interest and that he is going to write another one as well as make a “couple of calls” - not sure who exactly. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is one of my top choices and I want to make sure I do everything, besides, it’s not like my answer can get worse than the no I’ve already received. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Also told today I was put on hold by Wake Forest and to write a letter to the Dean there as well - who knew this would help. I will keep all of you updated.

I’ve been (quietly) following your thread and just wanted to wish you luck. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan of attack re: Georgetown. Looking forward to hearing how things turn out. Stay strong!

Ha…I got shot down by University of Chicago faster than I could say Pritzker! lol lol

Sorry…I guess I’m just delirious!

thanks nnylacire I appreciate it! Not sure how it’s all going to turn out, but at least I haven’t gotten rejections from anywhere else. Also, not sure who’s applied to Wake Forest and Tulane, but they are very good about giving you updates regarding your status. I was also told by Wake that you should submit another letter of interest to show you are very committed to that school - ahh, the things you learn by picking up the phone - I guess it pays to be “old” school from time to time!

Sorry to hear that Dazed. Thought you’d get interviewed everywhere you applied. I’ve heard nothing but stellar things about you.

  • jkp2117 Said:
... I've heard nothing but stellar things about you.

Tony, Gary, Ken, or Eckert?

I was denied a secondary at UC Irvine - still waiting on the other three UC’s (secondary from Davis is already in and fingers crossed for interview)

if it makes anyone feel better, i’ve already been rejected from vanderbilt, mayo, and boston U. oh, and a pre-interview hold at UofA.

and i STILL haven’t gotten secondaries from UCSF and UCSD. oh well…

EVERYONE gets rejected from BU. I was talking to a traditional applicant who got a 37Q and was rejected without an interview from BU so I wouldn’t feel badly about that. And Vandy and Mayo, very hard schools. I still haven’t gotten an interview from my home state which I so want to go to and yet another traditional I talk to had much worse scores and GPA than I did and he was just offered an interview today (we are even pretty much everywhere else) so I am sending a letter to them tomorrow to bring my application back up hopefully.