First semester post bacc ?

Hello all

I need to take all the pre reqs, Econ major in UG.

Ad hoc post bacc

I am planning on taking

Biology I


Chem I and lab

this semester.

Should I take the Bio lab this semester or next semester with Bio II?

Also, when is the best time to take physics? I was thinking physics I and II in the summer.


Hi! I’ve never had a bio class where the lab was separately enrolled, so hopefully someone else can help you with that part. As for physics, I would recommend that you take it when you feel you’ve brushed up enough on your math skills to do it well. I personally wouldn’t take it with a chemistry class. I do know people who have done that and been fine though. I’ve been looking for somewhere to take physics I over the summer, but am not completely sold on the idea. Not sure I would crash through both I and II in one summer, although it really depends on your confidence level (academically speaking).

Honestly, there are quite a few variables to consider with your question; but the bottom line is that you should pace yourself such that you do all you can to get the highest grades. Not rush through as fast as you possibly can - risking your grades in the process. Easier said than done, I know! Just my two cents.

Don’t you need to take 2 semesters of bio lab? My post-bacc was set up with the labs separate from the lecture, but the material was (somewhat) coordinated and bio lab I worked well with bio I lecture.


every med school i’ve researched wants you to have 2 semesters of labs to go along with the 2 semesters of the basic science courses (gen chem, physics, bio, and ochem). i guess it depends on your individual situation on when to take it b/c labs do take up quite a bit of time but in my experience, taking the lab when taking the class worked well and was recommended.

same advice with physics. if summer works best with your life and schedule then do it. otherwise i took bio, chem, and physics (all with labs) during the same semesters. it was stressful, especially with a job too, but i got all A’s. do what’s best for you and your situation so that you’ll get A’s.

I can’t imagine that you won’t have a Bio 2 lab as well. I would recommend taking them together, since the lab is often relevant to the work in the lecture.

For taking the sciences, two at a time is probably good… They are 4-hour classes, plus you figure that if you use the standard rule of 2 hours of study for every hour in class, that will be a load if you are working at the same time.

I’ve been sticking with two science classes, and two other classes at the same time. In this case, math, mostly to bump my math/science GPA.

Make sure your calculus is solid before doing physics. I took physics many years ago, and my calculus was weak, and it hurt. If it’s been a while, it wouldn’t hurt to take it again as a refresher. Really, I don’t think most people get tripped up by the calculus theory, as much as the algebraic manipulation at times. You often have to rearrange the equations, and for people that haven’t done that since HS, it can get rough. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

the typical pre-reqs are as follows:

8 hours of Biology with Lab

8 hours of Chemistry with lab

8 Hours of organic chemistry with lab

8 hours of physics with lab

6 hours of English

6 hours of Math (usually calculus is required for physics and not medical school. Medical school math is typically algebra).

At my university there is only 1 Bio lab for both BIO I and Bio II.

Chem 1 and 2 both have labs

However Organic Chem I and II have 1 lab between them. Also physics has 1 lab for both Gen Physics I and Gen physics 2.

So it seems this is satisfactory as the university boasts a high placement rating for it’s pre med students.


Bio and Organic (with lab) are to have 8 semester-hours each. This is the typical requirement at most med schools. If there is only lab for the entire year, it is probably 2 units instead of the 1 unit that most labs are. If that’s the case, there should be no problem, I would think.

Yea i think that is the case.

Thanks for the help!

Here we go, Bio I and Chem I and Lab. Let the long road begin!