Generation X wants to go to med school

Hello all. I just turned 49. I’ve had a wide-ranging, big, bawdy, experience-led journey through life that started out rough and is now filled with love and joy. I want to go to medical school and spend the rest of my days working as a community GP in a rural environment. I have the grades, and I am working on postbac coursework. Currently a birth doula and was heading toward nurse-midwifery. But medicine is what I want, and I can be so much more impactful as an MD. I don’t have years left to come up with more reasons why I’m too old to do this. But I do need someone, anyone to tell me that I can do this.
Can I ask for your counsel?

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Hello. I’m in DO school and heard that someone started at 52 at the same school. As long as you have the stamina and perseverance to go through the rigor of medical school, don’t let anyone say it’s not possible. Having said so, the financial burden is huge. As long as you have a plan to pay for it, you should pursue your passion. I am a bit younger than you but I also started later in my life with a different job and two kids. Best of luck to you!

I just responded to a similar inquiry under " Almost 54 years old" Have a look and feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat.