Getting Experience Shadowing

I’ve decided I’m going to go for ACCOMAS this year and I’ve gotten almost all of my pre-reqs out of the way (and am staring down MCATs on May 21st). I’ve been volunteering at a local children’s hospital, which has been a great experience, but I feel like I’m hitting a wall when it comes to getting experience with shadowing a DO. I went through the AOA website for all the DOs in my area, and made a few calls, mostly talking to voicemails and receptionists. I don’t expect immediate feedback, but the easiest thing would for me to ask my PCP, but his practice is only MDs and a few PAs.

Any and all suggestions would be extremely helpful.

If you are comfortable in discussing this with your PCP, he might be able to connect you with a DO.

Contact the nearest DO school to you (hopefully one in your state) and ask if they can help you make a connection with a doctor to shadow. They are likely to be using multiple DO offices in their state as sites for students, and should be able to facilitate it happening for you. I think I’d start with the admissions office.