Getting Started!!

I have registered for my first pre-requisite re-take 9/1/2010, Biology 1. I plan to get my feet wet and take this class by itself first, just to get myself re-introduced back into these demanding courses, then possibly double up the following semester with Bio 2 and Chem 1. I’m still working full time running my business, so I dont want to get overwhelmed and suffer in my coursework. Should I keep it to 1 class per semester? I’m feeling anxious, nervous, out of place, etc., but I’m going for it. Any additional advice on how to attack this would surely help me. Thanks for all the responses and I will keep you posted on my progress. Knowing that there are other people my age going through the same thing, has really helped.

As long as you are working full-time, keeping the coursework to a level where you can succeed well in each course is important. Particularly when you have been out of school some time, a number of folks on here have recommended that you give yourself a easier schedule to start with.

Congratulations on taking this first step! When I started back with my prereqs, I realized how much more prep it took when I was going for the highest possible marks than just “an A or a B”. It meant for me doing all the reading - before class if possible so I could ask questions about any material I wasn’t understanding, so that by test time I really understood the material. Find out any assistance that is available for the course - professor or teaching assistant office hours, review sessions, etc.


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Find out any assistance that is available for the course - professor or teaching assistant office hours, review sessions, etc.

I second Kate's advice -- getting help from your prof / TA when you need it is key. And get the help immediately if you start to feel confused, not after several weeks of confusion and falling behind. Staying on top of the course is so important, because in many of these classes, the information is cumulative. If you miss one or two concepts, the next one won't make sense either.

Also, getting to know your instructors is important for getting letters of recommendation in the future. So you're really accomplishing two things at once, which is always nice.

I'm not sure how you learn, but one thing that really helps me is to make flashcards. I use the mini ones, which are both smaller and cheaper (yay!) than the regular-size ones, making them easy to drop into a purse/backpack and study anywhere. I anticipate these will also be useful when I (eventually) study for the MCAT down the road.

Good luck as you start bio!

Thanks, I appreaciate your encouragement. See you at the finish line!

Thankyou for your comments. I will definitely take your advice.

Hello, If you wouldn’t mind sharing a bit about your process for taking pre-reqs. What types of schools are eligible for taking pre-reqs? Can one go to a junior college, city college? Or does it have to be a 4 year university? What about online classes? Any advice is appreciated.

thank you