Got Accepted!!

I’ve been accepted to Ross University in the Caribbean via the MERP program. I start in January 2014. It’s such a relief to have 6 years of hard work finally pay off and move on to the next phase of medical training.



Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!!!


Congratulations Maria! Your hard work paid off, I went to the open house this saturday in New York and most of their residents that were on the panel during the QA did the MERP program.

now off to the island you go! Good luck! Maybe I will join you.

I had my interview with Ross this past thursday, and waiting on St George for their answer as well. I was also accepted to SABA. now just waiting!

Big congrats, Maria!!! Nothing like knowing you ARE going to medical school. That’s wonderful news


Awesome news! Friend of mine went there and is almost done with residency. Greatest time of her life…and her time on the island flew by.

Congratulations! That must be a great relief.