Got my residency! :)

Well, I have jumped off the “Match” train and have my residency position months early!!

I have been making the rounds of family medicine residency application - doing clerkships at programs I’m interested in, applying to 12 residencies, interviewing (had 3 more interviews to go). But 3+ weeks ago I spent the day at one of the programs that I wasn’t SO excited about. I hadn’t scheduled a rotation there (evidence it wasn’t in my top 4). It is a teaching health center-based residency program (meaning that the residency administration are running it out of a FQHC (federally qualified health center) rather than a hospital. THey are affiliated with a large regional medical center, and are actually an organization of 21 FQHC’s. However, the residency is structured to provide some rich rural clinic experience as well as the standard hospital rotations. I was very impressed with the program, the organization, the didactics, and the current residents. It is just starting it’s 3rd year this June, so we would be the first year that all 3 years were filled.

Being an innovative program (one of 11 in the country grant-funded to explore new models of rural health education), they can offer positions outside of the match.

Meanwhile, I spent the last 2 weeks on a clerkship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That clearly WAS one of my top 4 choices, and I liked them a lot. So I was in painful uncertainty deciding if I ranked them above or below the WV program. I finally decided I’d rather be at the WV program, and 30 minutes later they called and offered me one of the 4 slots for this coming year. I accepted!

It’s an unopposed, AOA accredited family medicine residency with an emphasis in rural health care, and has a heavy OB component and the opportunity to do an OB focus. Yeah, just what the doctor ordered!! And in a beautiful section of the state, on a river that has great white-water rafting (one of my pleasures), and about 3 hours drive from my parents.

So, writing to all the other programs, canceling my remaining interviews, withdrawing from the osteopathic and the NRMP match. I can start looking for housing for next year!!

Just wanted to share the good news


Congrats!!! Enjoy he rest of the year

Congrats, Kate!!!

Thanks, Gabe! Taking 2 weeks off (instead of driving all around for more interviews!)


Thanks, Shannon!


I did not think there was any pre-match positions any more…congrats

Apparently it is because the program is a grant-funded “innovative” program that they got an exception allowing them to offer outside the match.



Well you are “innovative” and “exceptional”, so no surprise!!

Congratulations Kate!! I find that when I “sprinkle” the universe with possibilities, I usually have an “answer” spring forth out of the pack and show me the next step…

As you did, and as it did!!


  • Orla Said:
I did not think there was any pre-match positions any more..congrats

Absolutely NOTHING is absolute in medicine, LOL!!

Congrats Kate!

So happy for you–it sounds perfect! Now you can just enjoy the rest of your year…very cool!

Thanks path and Carrie!

Talked today with one of the 2nd year residents and he was talking about covering ICU, and putting in central lines pretty much on his own now.


Best wishes to you on your Residency, Kate! I’m sure your patients will just love you and you’ll do very well treating them. White water rafting is the best!

Thanks silent pioneer! I’m looking forward to it!


Congrats Kate!!!