I am a very happy man tonight!!! All of my hard work in studying and practicing since the August 05 test paid off!!!

Aug05: PS:6, BS:9, VR:7

Apr06: PS:10, BS:10, VR:9

woo hoo

Congrats, Gabe! That is a great improvement!

Congratulations Gabe!!!

That’s great news Gabe! Congratulations!!!

Woot! Great job Gabe.

woohoo!! congrats gabe!

i just got my score too!

32! no mooore mcat!!!

Congratulations Guys! Great Job!!!

My scores are not as impressive as yours. I got 27. Which is what I scored on my practice tests. The only difference is the breakdown.

(11 PS, 9 BS and pathetic 7 in VR).

The worst VR score I’ve ever gotten! And it’s hard to believe that when I first took the diagnostic and then first 4 or 5 practice tests Verbal was my strongest section (with as high as 12 on two of them).

Well…we’ll see where it’ll get me. I’m going to send out the application tonight. The latest tomorrow morning. I’m applying to 11 schools. All of them with average MCAT acceptance 29-31 (with as low as 4 on verbal).

Hopefully with my good GPA and extracurriculars it will be enough.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Good luck, Kasia. With averages of 29 - 32, they obviously admit lower. One of my ochem TA’s got accepted to an MD school with a 24 MCAT. Hopefully the schools will at least give you an interview and a chance to impress them in person!

GABE!!! Congrats!! So glad to hear that! I’m sure this will help your quest this year!!!

Congrats to all who took the test! Don’t get too frightened by the scores, let the application speak for itself and wait as patiently as you’re able. The MCAT is only one part of the overall “scoring” system. A colleague of mine was admitted to several DO programs and waitlisted at an MD program with an MCAT score of 24, and others with MCAT scores of 35+ aren’t getting in.

Enjoy some time off and good luck as the process continues into next year!

Congrats to all! Strong work Gabe & Kasia!

Kasia, as we talked about at the conf, your nemesis will likely be the VS as English - massively confusing language that it is - is not your first language. However, with the other factors you named (strong GPA & LORs and strong scores in the other MCAT sections), I think you will be a competitive applicant. I would make certain that the schools to which you apply are aware of your English-challenge.

Again, congrats to all who took the beast & best of luck in the app cycle. In the not too distant future, I will start threads in the “applying to med school” section for interviews & acceptances. Man, scary & exciting it is already nearing that time again!

Keep us all up to date on your progress!

You should be very, very, very proud. That is one hard test. Congratulations on the success.

Congratulations to both Gabe and Kasia. Gabe, that is such an impressive improvement - you’ve written all along about how you’ve been working on it but I think it would be good to reiterate what you did - what strategies did you change? how did you achieve this?

Kasia, I agree with Dave. I think your performance is superb given that English is not your native language. I believe your overall application package is very impressive and that you are going to do well this year. Where are you applying? (hopefully GWU among others)

Mary R.

Thank you guyz for all the responses!

I pressed the button!!!

Mary! Yes! GWU is on my list!

I applied to 11 schools! I just posted about that in ‘Applying to Medical School’ Forum.


  • Mary Renard Said:
Congratulations to both Gabe and Kasia. Gabe, that is such an impressive improvement - you've written all along about how you've been working on it but I think it would be good to reiterate what you did - what strategies did you change? how did you achieve this?

Kasia, I agree with Dave. I think your performance is **superb** given that English is not your native language. I believe your overall application package is very impressive and that you are going to do well this year. Where are you applying? (hopefully GWU among others)

Mary R.

Hi Mary, Everyone thank you for your kind words.

To begin with, I took the August MCAT after not having the material in about 10 years and postponing last April's test. I recevied a 22R and I was devastated. However I regrouped and I set some goals for myself.

For starters I tried to figure out what may have gone wrong that day. Having to go to the bathroom badly during the last 30 minutes of the PS section did not help, so I made sure that I piddled before we started the test and I did not drink a lot of Gatorade while waiting to check in. Second, I did not wean myself off of coffee so I had a massive headache due to not drinking any the morning of the test. This time, I had my cup o joe.

Finally, I went through the entire test day in my head. Since I left the test feeling confident and prepared I found it hard to believe that I just did not know the material. But after carefully recreating the day in my head I realized that I never properly finished any section. I wound up guessing at the last 20-30 questions in each section because I ran out of time. The reason was, I did not practice my test taking skills. I was so concerned over learning the material that I never sat down and took a timed test. So my first goal was to finish the test. If after I finished I still received a lower score, then I knew that my content knowledge was lacking and either I would work on it or throw in the towel.

I resigned up for the Kaplan, on-line course and set up a schedule for myself. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I would read the chapters and do the preview homework. Sunday is lecture day. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was content review and quizes. I did all of the homework, I did not just read the book, but rather took notes, and I did each quiz and reviewed all the answers. Since I take a bus to work, this was the perfect time to review the answers. Subway too.

I then decided to take a free MCAT from kaplan. I also had my wife proctor 3 full length MCATs for me. However, while she had the proper times for each section, I gave myself 10 fewer minutes to ensure that I am done. At the same time, I always know that I have 10 more minutes to complete the test.

Kaplan gave you flashcards, and they were my friends. They were perfect for reviewing while waiting for the subway and when on the subway. They were also good for reviewing during lunch.

In conclusion, what helped was a more focused attack on the material followed by practice my test taking skills.

Congratulations Gabe, and thanks for sharing your strategy. You did everything right the second time, including going back and really analyzing what happened the first time. Most students never take this important step, and it really makes a difference. The experience will also be helpful when you prepare for med school exams, especially the boards.

Kasia, congratulations, you have a fine score, especially as a non-native English speaker.

I hope you are both very successful in your applications to med school!

HI everyone,

Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work on this test. I just finally found my scores online - I have yet to receive it in the mail, though one of my friends got her’s on Tuesday. I felt horrible after taking the test (I got barely any sleep the night before because of anxiety) and it was the hardest thing I think I have ever done. And it turns out I was right - I got only a 21R (my best practice test was 26). So my question is now what do I do? I am only applying to DO schools because that’s what I want to do, and my gpa is 3.8 overall and 3.6 science (cumulative). I am old (40’s), will complete a 2nd BA degree next spring, and this is a definite career change for me. I have already begun my application process. I am just not sure if I can really improve my score that drastically between now and August to re-take the test (nor do I have the emotional will to do it). I feel quite discouraged at the moment and just need some thoughts on how to approach these next steps.




I talked to my friend today who got 22 on his MCAT and he’s also a good student, with good grades and lots of clinical experience. He was discouraged and confused…

I told him to submit the application and indicate that he’s going to take the August MCAT. Then at least it’s there early, and providing that the schools are satisfied with your grades and everything else, they will wait for your August MCAT score. At this point there’s nothing to lose - except from money…Just take a day or two to catch your breath, ‘relax’ if it’s possible and…try to study for the August Exam. I really recommend ExamKrackers books! Go over the material you think you have most problems with, and do 2 or 3 more full-length practice tests.

Was your April MCAT your first one? If so, I think this one might be only better. You shouldn’t be so anxious and stressed, since you’ll aready know what to expect, and if it was the time issue, you should know better how to manage your time now.

When I started doing practice exams first, I thought I have to go as fast as possible so I could answer all the questions. And I finished but I scored only 6 or 7 on physics section. So I decided to change my strategy and actually to solve every question instead of guessing. I couldn’t finish, but even with a little bit more over half done, I scored a little bit more (8). Finally, I just learned how to skip the ones I’m not feeling comfortable with, so I could focus on those I knew how to solve.

Try to figure out your biggest weakness and fix it. You still have time! And don’t give up! You worked very hard to get to this point!

Good luck,


I got in multiple DO schools with 1 pt. higher than you on the MCAT and a stellar GPA. What is your breakdown? I think your GPA may draw attention away from your low MCAT as long as you have good experience etc.and apply early and broadly.

I felt the exact same way as you. Didn’t have time enough to prepare for the August test nor the emotional fight. That test was grueling! So I applied and figured if I didn’t get in anywhere, I’d retake the MCAT and apply again. I didn’t have to! I’m going to KCUMB. Moving next month!

Great improvement! I’m so proud of you and admire your hard work and diligence!