Grad School, then Med, But Worried About Confusing Admissions

I spoke with my prospective school and the person noted that they usually don’t let students know of decisions over the phone, but he went on to say that I was accepted and that I should get an offer next week.

Although I should be relieved, I’m not, because:

  1. The people who make the decision interviewed me last week and said I should know by this week and that the person (whom I spoke with over the phone) handles the admissions announcements.

  2. The person who told me I had nothing to worry about didn’t even get my name when I called, so what if he were referring to some other person’s decision and not mine?? He sounded, harried, annoyed, and even said that he wasn’t able to access information online.

    I’m super worried, but I don’t want to press, because I fear that the decision may be reversed if I come off as impatient, nagging, or panicked.

    I really don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve been worried sick (literally) since all last week and it took forever for the weekend to be over and now I have to wait another week with the holiday in the way? I’m so uncertain now.

    I’d appreciate someone, anyone, to ease my mind/nerves. Thanks.

I’m sure their list is on paper as well as computer, so I wouldn’t worry too much about him saying he wasn’t able to access info online at that moment.

I probably would not feel like it was “for sure” with that encounter either. I think your best bet is indeed to wait for official notification and try not to be 'worried sick", as you have a lot more assurance than someone who did not call that you are probably in. I don’t know how this person knew who you were without catching your name, except perhaps his phone has caller id?

Try to breathe


Be patient, don’t worry until you get the official announcement.

Paranoia, the destroyer.

Paranoia, the destroyer.

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