Dream fulfilled!!! !!

Congratulations, Dr. Lerman! I’m looking forward to meeting you at the conference!


My hat’s off to you! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your journey with us other OPMs.


Congratulations, doctor!


Congratulations Doc!

Seeing the whole “Dr Lerman” line just brought tears to my eyes–and I don’t even know you! I can’t even imagine what that will feel like when it’s my own name!!

Congratulations!!! You’ve earned it…

Way to go Gabe. I hope you include your own picture in the “accomplishments” section at the conference!!! Wooo hooo!!


Congrats, Gabe! I can’t imagine anything could feel better than finishing the first year of medical school, but I suppose actually graduating ranks right up there!

Congratulations Doc! Let the white coat grow some tails!



Congratulations Doctor Lerman!

Gabe -

Can’t believe I didn’t write on here. Guess I was getting ready for the conference and offline for 5 days. But Congrats!!!


Congratulations gabelerman. I can’t wait until i reach the pinnacle like you have. I still have a couple more years of residency before I can open my own practice. Good luck on the rest of the way.

A very belated mazel tov, Dr. Lerman

Congrats Gabe!!