Happy Thanksgiving! and Good News!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Eat up, enjoy your time with your family (yes the in-laws too), and most important please be safe.

I just found out today that I have been accepted to CSU East Bay’s Post-Bacc premed program for Fall of 2012. I’m really excited at the moment, perfect Thanksgiving news. Now, I have about 2 other schools I need to apply for and see how everything shapes up but CSU East Bay is definitely on my list of schools to attend.


Happy Thanksgiving, and congratulations on your acceptance into the post bacc program!

Thank you Guitardan!

Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving too. What great timing to get such wonderful news!

Thank you Erica! Yeah, it does make for a special holiday week and my mom was really happy too. Hey so which CSU are you currently attending?



Congratulations, Cliff! That’s awesome!