health insurance for family as a student

Does anyone have experience buying health insurance for their kids and spouse while a full time medical student?

At the medical school I went to, you were able to purchase either single or family coverage through the university plan.

I’m going to an osteopathic med school and have insurance thru SOMA (student osteopathic medical association). You can get insurance for your spouse and kids too…it’s expensive, and not very comprehensive. Caveat emptor!

Since my wife works we started paying for her own insurance. But that was very, very expensive. In the end, because of her salary and the number of people in the family qualified for Medicaid. We paid into the system all of the years that we have been working and now it was time to collect. Since we started on Medicaid we have saved $20,000 on health insurance costs.

In June when I start residency I will have health insurance as part of my benefits and they will be put on it.

There is no shame in using public assistance when it is used properly. This is such an example.

We don’t qualify for medicaid as we don’t have enough people in our family. Right now we pay out of pocket for my husband and son, then I get mine through work since my employer pays 50%, this was the cheapest option for us to go, I was hoping there was medical insurance through most med schools for when I start there.

medical schools offer health insurance to the student as part of the tuition. If you want to add your family, you can pay into it. However it may be expensive.