Health Insurance

Starting school in August and wondering what other med students have done for health insurance. I don’t feel really great about those high deductible plans. Also, my wife and I would like to start having kids in year 3. Any thoughts?


I’m doing the SOMA student health insurance. They have 2 plans - I’m taking the more expensive one that doesn’t have caps on hospitalization expenses, as I probably have more than the average 20-year old’s chance of BEING hospitalized for something.

It is a pain, and doesn’t cover many meds well. However at my school, if we are seen at the school’s associated clinic, they write off our deductable so we pay nothing for our visits there.

By second year, unless she works at a really good job, perhaps you’ll show a low enough income for her to go on Medicaid insurance for the pregnancy. I know that may not sound great, but a number of the pregnant students here have done that.

That’s what I know. There is a student health insurance plan NOT thru SOMA that is a better policy overall but too expensive for me due to my age.


I think most students have to get a plan through school, but I found that it was a cheaper plan for the whole family.