Hello from Seattle!

Hi everyone, and hope your holidays are going well. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name’s Michael, I’m a Navy veteran and I’m in my first year of undergrad at the age of 33 so that I can go to medical school. Found OldPreMeds on a web search and after reading some of the threads is seems like a really supportive community of people trying, and succeeding at what I’m trying to do as well. Look forward to learning more and sharing more as this journey progresses.

edited to add: I’m hoping to go the MSTP route since I have a strong interest in research as well as medicine.


Welcome, Michael!

Yes, it’s a very supportive place. Helped me a lot on my journey!


welcome aboard

Thanks guys!


Welcome Michael!!! I have found this board to be a GOD SEND! If you look around you will see that many of your questions may have already been asked, and answered Hope to see you around.


  • divermike1011 Said:

edited to add: I'm hoping to go the MSTP route since I have a strong interest in research as well as medicine.


You're in good (but small) company with the research interests, there are 2 other OPMs including myself and Lorien with similar goals.


Welcome! I’m 32 and an AF veteran starting my last semester of the medical school prereqs. I finished a BA on active duty then seperated at 11 yrs. Looks like we’re going through the same transitions! Enjoy this site, I find it helpful. None of my premed advisors have a clue how to advise premed vets, lol.

Wonderful to hear there are those with same interests in research and fellow veterans on board as well!

NonTradPreMed: congrats on getting a degree while still on AD. I was primarily on submarines, so it made distance learning a might tricky! Agree with you on advising and veterans, we really don’t fit into a neat category.

pathdr2b: What type of research do you want to do? I’m definitely a math/physics/statistics geek so the emerging field of clinical informatics seems tailor made my my interests. I’m also, from a more bench science orientation interested in biophysics, specifically neural network construction/function.


Hi Michael,

My primary interest is in Translational Informatics specifically, analyzing exome data from malignant tumors and using it to develop targeted therapies for cancer.

Clinically, I’m interested in Pathology with Oncology running a distant second.

Divermike and nontradmed:

You might check out Doc Grey’s website: https://medicalschoolhq.net/

He’s an OPM’er who started providing resources, I think, to military medics who knew who were interested in med school. His site has lots of resources including addressing some areas that might be more pertinent for veterans.



Just saw your post, thank you!