Hello OPM

This is my first post and first day here. I am still doing prerequisites. I’ll be 35 in three weeks. I think about my age often, and it plays on my decision making greatly.

Last year the older newly matriculated student to Osteopathic Medical School was 56. I know of someone who is well into her 50’s just finishing up internship.

And you are not even the same age as Jack Benny yet!

You will do just fine. If age is your only concern then you should simply not think about it.

This webiste and forum is fantastic! i am 37 and just starting courses to finish premed (for the second time 20 years later) I look forward to sharing with all of you!

Hi! I’m starting medical school this fall, and I’m 53. You said “I think about my age a lot”, and I would say - STOP IT! Or rather, only think about your age to reflect how much better an applicant it makes you. When you are writing your applications and going to med school interviews, they want you to tell your story - and by virtue of your life experience, you probably have a lot more “story” than many of these recent college graduates. Schools also often recognize that non-traditional applicants tend to be a lot more goal-directed and focused.

Read some of the diaries on here, and if you possibly can, go the OPM conference. It helped complete the turn-around in my own attitude, which is crucial. Feeling apologetic for one’s age is not going to help in representing oneself well in med school applications. Talking to some of the admissions staff from schools at the OPM conference helped a great deal, for me, as well.