Wanted to say Hi Im new here! Im a husband and a father and I will be 32 y/o on Saturday and I have decided to go to medical school! I will be doing the whole premed thing from scratch basically; I do have some credits already that will help shorten it some but not a lot.

Im currently a critical care nurse and I was making myself miserable daily, wishing I was the person in the white coat.

This site has already been such a big source of inspiration to me I just wanted to say thanks. I was glad to see I wasnt the only one. Im not crazy! Glad I found this place.


Welcome aboard this crazy ride!

Welcome, and happy (early) birthday!

welcome! There are several of us nurses that are on our journey to becoming a physician.

Thanks for the welcomes. Looking forward to the journey!

Welcome razorback!

13 years ICU in my backround before I went into midwifery.

Your critical care background will definately help you make clinical correlations in med school more easily. I think my background helped a bit on MCAT’s as well, due to the thought process.

Best of luck!


I’m an ICU nurse as well. Best of luck to you! Stay focused.

Just finished meeting with premed advisor. It looks like I could be ready to apply sooner than expected! So thats good news. If all goes well with no unforeseen delays its possible I could enter med school as early as the fall of 2014.

And thanks again to all the welcomes! Hope everyone is having a good Monday.