First let me say I am so happy to find all of you! I am 46 years old and have wanted to be a doctor my whole life but got pregnant at 24, had to drop out of school, married in 1994, started back to school, divorced in 98 and have been a single mom for 11 years (recently married last year). Right now I am finishing my bachelor’s in Health Care Management and taking pre-med courses at the same time. Only have physics and organic chemistry left. Hope to take the MCAT next year and apply soon after. My boys are older now (23 and 17) and it is my turn to do what I want. I have 3 years as a medical assistant for a neurologist and 3 years as an EMT for a private ambulance company.

I was really concerned with all the changes and cuts to Medicare, my age and the debt I will undoubtedly have that maybe it was too late for me but after stalking the forums I have decided to go for it!! Live my dream. Thank you all!!

You only have 1 go around, might as well do what you have always wanted!

Thank you! The support on here is amazing. I have a great GPA 3.8. Age is just a number right anyway!


I’m right there with you! My kids are 27 and 24.

It can be done - -expect a lot of work but single moms are no stranger to hard work, and long hours.

Best of luck!


Mine are 21 and 23…Go run with the big dogs or stay on the porch!