I just took my third AAMC practice MCAT and scored really low. I am not sure if I am just getting nervous or what. I don’t seem to do as bad on the practice tests for prep. (Examkrackers, Kaplan) I am taking the real thing August 4 and today I scored a 20. I don’t know what to do. I was really nervous today for some reason which I usually am not. That could have caused some issues. I am studying at least 5 hours a day, but will probably do more. Any advice??

Do you think timing is an issue? Because often the passages are longer than you expect. I found on the real MCAT ALL the passages were long (instead of the mix on the AAMC ones). I’d work on timing strategy and identifying any additional content areas that need review.


Have you been able to figure out where you are losing points on the practice MCATs to help you “study smart”?

If you cannot get at least one test near your goal score, I would cancel and reschedule. The real one is NOT easier than the practice ones from AAMC. I found the real MCAT to feel a LOT harder than the practice ones (but I don’t have my score back yet), and I was consistently scoring 30+. Timing was essential for me in testing…I had to learn to let the harder questions go (best-guess answer, then move on) so that I could focus on the questions I could definitively answer.

The AAMC MCAT practice tests are much easier than the real MCAT.

I definitely think timing was an issue. I also think I am weak in a couple of areas. I am going to study more and see how I do with the next one. If I am not doing better. I will have to reschedule:(

I was originally scheduled for January and then pushed it back to April. At some point, you’re going to feel “ready”. That you’ve reviewed all the topics and you feel pretty confident. You know where your weaknesses are, so when you start to feel ready, schedule your test.

Have you been “post-phrasing” and categorizing your exams? What has been your biggest problem?

I saw the suggestion on timing, and that is no doubt a MAJOR problem for some (me too ), but if you’re missing because of content knowledge, or lack of it, that’s an entirely different issue.

I also noticed you said you did Kaplan exams. Are you enrolled in their course?

I would do some serious post-test review of the previous tests. Figure out WHY your scores are low. For EACH question, ask why you got it right or why you got it wrong. Did you misunderstand the question or are you weak on the material? Make a list of your weak subject areas and review and go back through teh SAME test to see if then the questions make perfect sense. Get your money’s worth out of those practice exams!