How many extracurriculars?

Hello everyone again. I was wondering if anyone knows how many extracurricular’s are needed to be very competitive. Including how many volunteer hours looks ok vs slacker, Shadowing hrs,publications, any other good stuff im missing. Due to my husbands job I am only applying to the 5 med schools in my area because we are not relocating. So I need to make sure my app is very competitive. Thanks in advance

quality, not quantity. You want extracurriculars that are relevant to YOU and your goals, that you can discuss with depth and knowledge and enthusiasm. Don’t do anything just to do it. Do things that are meaningful to you.

Thanks for the feedback Mary. Will keep this in mind.

GOOD advice from Mary Renard! I’ve heard this a lot from admissions officers. Try to find something you can be passionate about.

I understand the geographic limits on where you are applying to medical school. Do you have a plan for residency? (as the match makes where you end up rather more out of your control).

My plan for residency is to stay within this area also. I live in Md, so I would be open to anything in MD, Va or D.C. My hubbie is in gradschool also Phd. program now, by the time I start residency he should be finished and then we can move elsewhere if I match outside of D.M.V