How many other masochists out there? summer school

Ok, fess up… who else is going to suffer along with me this summer???
I’ve got Genetics first 5 week block and then Biochemistry second 5 week block…
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… although I hear I’ve got professors that only teach these subjects during the Summer… so hopefully they’ll be nice and fresh… and all will go well…
cheers to fellow sufferers… you know… it will all be over WAY sooner than if we had taken them during the regular school year.

Damn Andrea, that sounds like a dare. “Okay whose with me. We’re going over the wall!!!” Alas I too am taking courses this summer. I have a few things to take care to finish this semester. Then I plan to do nothing but take up space for a few weeks. Then it is:

1. biochem and

2. physiology

I am still a lowly undergrad, these are neccessary for my degree. The sooner I get out of the insane asylum the better.

I am having a small surgery in June, so I won’t make that summer session, but I’ll be taking Gen biology 2 and micro in the second summer session. Woo-hoo. Then on to genetics and org chem in the fall.
Is the wall we’re going over into the insame asylum??

I am!!! I am taking the entire year of Organic in 8 weeks. Lecture MTWRF 9 - 12, and Lab TRF 1:30 - 5:30. I take my last final for this quarter on Thursday, June 10, and start Organic on Monday the 14th. Fortunately, it gets done August 9th, since I have a wedding planned for September!!!
Yee ha! I can hardly wait!

I noticed your location is “Cary, NC.” If you are taking your summer classes at NCState, then we’ll be in the same Genetics class! I’m taking genetics and Physics II during the first summer term and Microbiology and a chem class the second term (I’m going to wait until Fall for Biochem)…

My husband knows that come Monday he won’t see me until August (unless he delivers dinner to me while i’m in the library studying!..Actually, I can count on him to do that for me. He’s a great husband!)

To answer your “over the wall” question, I think we are transfering from one facility to another. This one we climb over, the next one we tunnel out!

I almost ended up with biochem and calculus in the same 5 weeks lol, but thankfully (I think) enough people have signed up for Orgo II and lab that I’ll be doing that in 6 or 7 weeks (i forget at the moment). Class will be M-Th 10:50-12:40 and lab T and Th from 1:40-4:25. I’m also taking a personality psych class through independent study (it’s actually at UC-Boulder) assuming I can get the cash together to sign up for it.
I actually like summer courses tho. When they are short ones (5 weeks or less) you just have to make sure you don’t overload yourself with too many of them at once.
Good luck fellow masochists!
–Jessica, UCCS

ah, there are many of us…
Quick! You over there… the drooling one… yeah you… ok… quick… you distract the guards and the rest of us will make a run for it!!!
Those of you taking 2 classes each session, whoo! my hats off to you… you truly are insane…
They’re coming to take me away ha ha…
good luck everybody… classes here start tomorrow!!!

I used to love taking classes in the summer. I took them every year during undergrad, HOWEVER once I hit my spring semester of my senior year, I was burned out and had to fight senioritis while fighting my way through among other classes a 5 hour embroyology class plus a lab with it taught by the toughest prof in the Biology department. So watch out with those summer courses.
Hey, Good luck with your classes.

Under normal circumstances I would not take two classes in a summer session. I may end up dropping one. The reason why I enrolled in both, one is taught in the mornings the other in the late afternoon. The afternoon class is only two days a week. So I figure, study in the morning for the first class, then go to the second in the afternoons on T and TH. Study in the evening for the second course. If it wasn’t doable I wouldn’t try. If it doesn’t work I will bail on one.
In the insane asylum theme, it works for me. Let’s hope I don’t need medication by the end of the summer.

Molecular Genetics Starting tomorrow for 6 weeks

Put me down for Orgo I and Exam Krackers. Then I’ll be getting some private tutoring to learn key Orgo II topics on the MCAT since I am skipping Orgo II preMCAT.

Second semester general chemistry starts next week for me.

How r u all handling this ,without work I imagine?

Fortunately, yes… I am “handling” this without working. I quit working full time a year ago… (YAY!-best decision I ever made!)
I’m in class 2 hours and 10 minutes every day for the summer… so it would be difficult to work, attend class and study as well…

waves her arms wildly
I’m back for more torture! My summer session just started yesterday. Physics II. Joy! Actually I am looking forward to E&M and Modern Physics. Not looking forward to being stressed out when the weather is nice.
This section is a continuation of the Spring semester (same Prof) and it’s a 12 week summer course. I won’t be done until mid August. I didn’t dare do the 6 week one. I think I may have gone crazy for sure. Even the 12 week one is shorter than a regular semester so we’re definitely going at a faster rate.
We got the syllabus yesterday and I’m just happy that I don’t have a test the day of my 30th birthday! But I will be in class nonetheless.

I work full time, but luckily, the University of Maryland has a post-bacc program that allows you to take the classes in the evening. My Chem class is 6:30 to 10 two nights a week. It’s not so bad now, but I am sure it will be a bit overwhelming when I double up in the fall.
The hardest part, honestly, is coordinating work-related travel with my class schedule.

Deciding between Organic Chemistry 1 and Biology, both to start June7. Any suggestions.

I personally think O-chem is really a tough assignment for summer school. My own experience (during two regular semesters) was that it just took a lot of time and repetition for the concepts to sink in. I am sure there are people who’ve done it successfully but I think it would’ve hurt me to try it that way. At the very least I would’ve been eating, sleeping, breathing o-chem without being able to do another single thing… which is true of summer school in general, I know, but o-chem is just - MORE.
Sheew, elsewhere you indicated taking the MCAT in August? Is o-chem a “refresher” for you - that is, you’ve taken it before? 'cuz a lot of people on this board have previously opined that trying MCAT without o-chem would be disastrous… but MCAT prep combined with o-chem summer school would, IMHO, be equally disastrous.

Wow! I would love the option of taking a evening class two nights per week. For me I start General Chem 2 July 13. Three hour drive daily for class 8:30-10:30 M-TH. Lab 10:30-1:30 twice a week. I was going to audit Gen Chem 1 June 2-July 12, but the 3 hour drive for a 2 hour class seemed ridiculous. Therefore, I am reviewing on my own. Brushing off cobwebs.