How old is too old?

I’m 35 years old, have three boys (8, 5, and 3) with a baby girl on the way (due to arrive this summer). I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.A. in counseling. Pursuing medicine as a career has been a recurring dream that I can’t seem to put to rest. How crazy am I to consider this path so late in life?

I’m 33, 34 in May, and I have begun the process to get my research into medical school programs and will be setting up classes this fall for my pre-reqs. So, nope I don;t think you are to old. At least you have a jump on me, I don’t have a BS yet, I will have an AA in Criminal Justice later this year though.

I am 32 years old, and JUST starting school. With a 2 year old and 10 month old twins. We will be finishing at the same time. Ha! This is OLD premeds! There are a ton of us… Welcome!

You’re not too old! I am a 33-year-old lawyer-turned-SAHM to three kids (6, 4, 2) and I started prereqs this semester. If I am accepted the first time I apply, I will graduate when I’m 40! I’ll be 40 in 7 years whether I go to med school or not, so why not!

I hope you’re seated.

I’m 53, and in 2nd year medical school. I’m a former IT person, having been a programmer, analyst and sales account manager.

Getting the ride of my life, I must admit.


44 here

I’m 46 right now and was 42 when I started and I also have two kids. Granted, I failed first year due to various circumstances but successfully repeated, passed boards, and am on the downhill side of 3rd year right now.

The better question is—what do YOU think and what is YOUR family willing to do? My wife is super-supportive and encouraging. She’s basically done the single Mom thing knowing that this was an investment for our family. It’s wound up pulling us closer together in our relationship…

Not too Old! I’m going on 51, taking prereq’s to go into PA program. 10 Years ago, I would have jumped on MD/DO. Like Presse, I’m coming out of the IT world, also.

hi, I think if that’s what you want then you are never too old, it can be very hard at any age to go to med school, it may mean not spending enough time with your kids and getting even less sleep, with a newborn, I certainly don’t envy you lol. but GO FOR IT! Check out this video;Nova: MD the Making of a Doctor. It’s on amazon, if you can’t find a copy in the library

Your never too old to stop dreaming and aspiring! When you stop dreaming, then your too old-

Author Unknown

BTW- Rent Patch Adams…You probably either have seen it, or know the story…But it’s a great inspiration!!

Another 53 year old 2nd year med student here. I say you’re never too old but the rote memorization required in some classes does get tougher the older you get! I wish I had done this at 40. I’m an RN so at least I don’t have to learn all the medical terminology- that saved me a total of about 2 days of med school memorization lol…

My boyfriend looked at me the other day and told me that I would probably be the oldest person in medical school after I turned 28 on my birthday…I actually laughed at him and then finally broke it to him that I’ve been chatting it up in my own little personal support group at OPM!!!

Hello everyone and good luck and enjoy the journey to becoming doctors.

I have been fascinated with science since I was in elementary school and I knew i wanted to become a doctor all my life. I majored in science in college but instead of applying to medical school I became a high school science teacher. my GPA was equivalent to a 3.7 that was in africa.

To make the story short, I met my ex husband in college and we got married had 3 kids and divorced 15 yrs later. After our daughter was born I brought up the idea of going to medical school. My ex even took me to the local medical school to meet with an advisor who suggested that I studied for the MCAT and applied.

We had been living in the USA for 10years when all this went on. My ex changed his mind, I was about to graduate with a BSN then. My plan was to go on and study for the MCAT and apply to medical school. I never stopped thinking of becoming a doctor. I am fascinated with science and I love helping people. I have been a nurse for 16yrs now, Iam 51 yrs old, my kids are all grown and I want more than anything to go to medical school become a doctor and take care of the sick in underserved communities and poor countries. To give people hope and put smiles on their faces.

I will give up anything to go and study medicine, it has been my dream all my life.

My fear is that it is too late for me. I might have missed my boat. I do not know what to do now.

I need advise, am I being unrealistic about this? I have worked in different areas in Nursing now i am in advanced congestive heart failure certified charge and preceptor, I love my job but I feel I can contribute more to medicine, what I can do as a nurse is very limited.

I have been reviewing the MCAT study guides for some time and plan on refreshing my bios and chemistry by taking courses.

Please help, am I too old for this? will any medical school waste their time on me?

I have a mortgage and a decent income but I feel this void in me that all my thoughts are about going to medical school. I want to give up my home to cut down on bills and serve my money for medical school. Is this realistic to you ? anyone? thanks.

I’m 49 moving from the defense/aerospace sector into medicine. I plan on getting all of my pre-med work done and in med school by 51. Like others, I too will be giving up a very well paying job for the pursuit of a medical career. I told my bosses about what I’m doing and I got nothing but envy from them. I even think they respect me more now. I know I will be making the right choice in the long run.

An interesting note: When I was speaking with my health care advisor the other day, she didn’t know anything about OPM. At first she thought I was joking. Then I showed this site. She said that this site is the best she’s seen…kudos to the OPM organizers!

Two things:

I once ran on a 54 year old diabetic who was in his second year of med school. It is never too late. (I also learned about peanut butter oatmeal from him. It rocks!)

I am 31, and I wasn’t sure I could live with not starting my career until 40 or so. My academic counselor said “Better 40 and doing what you really wanted, than 40 and not.”

I tell myself that almost every day. Some days it even helps!

Tell me more about this peanut butter oatmeal

How about a 58 year old diabetic who had cancer in the middle of med school and is graduating May 30, 2009 with a residency to begin in June.

Oh. . . that’s me!

I think age is a state of mind. As long as you have dreams, are willing and able to work hard to attain them, then you should. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

43 year old NP, mother of two teens here, working full-time, currently struggling through General Chemistry I now. Contemplating going into med school once my kids are in college providing I make it through all the prereqs and get decent scores on the MCAT. Welcome to the website!

You just make oatmeal, then add peanut butter. It gets gooey, and you need water with it, but my god, it is good.

It is also great for keeping blood sugar up: simple carbs, complex carbs, saturated fat (if you add milk or butter), unsaturated fats, and lots of protein.

It is the perfect food.

Honey hush ! I am 38 with a husband, nine year old daughter and 6 month old daughter. I am starting my pre-med prereqs now and won’t start applying to med schools for another 2-3 years. You are in good company…