Hi, I’m Keith and I want to be a medical student. Good grief.

I’m 40, almost 41. I graduated in the early 90’s with a biology degree and a 3.1 GPA. A few years after that, I decided to go back to school, re-take some science courses and apply to med school. I took ~40 hours with a GPA of ~3.75. Took the MCAT, got a 34 (11, 11, 12). Applied but got wait-listed and ultimately rejected.

So then I got frustrated, packed up and went to school at Purdue and worked full-time. Was wishy-washy between engineering and computer science. Did well, but had a couple F’s for personal reasons. Ultimately got an MBA (which I hated). I finished near the bottom of my class for the MBA. It was the antithesis of my very being; I never felt so out of place. But it is a top 20-25 program, so I guess that’s something.

Now it’s 8+ years later.

I’ve never been able to come up with anything I wanted to do outside of medicine, as silly as that sounds.

I have 2 children that don’t live with me full-time, so I’m really limited to IU med school, which is a large state school.

So I have a mix of great and horrible grades. I have good MCAT scores that are 15 years old. I do believe I could easily do as well on the MCAT again (I think that’s the only thing I have going for me. lol).

My work experience has been in psychiatric hospitals (long long time ago); chemist at pharmaceutical companies; quality management at coca-cola.

Do I need to re-take my pre-reqs for the 3rd time since it’s been 15 years?

My plan:

  1. start volunteering at the hospital

  2. start reviewing for the MCAT

  3. start classes summer 2011.

  4. take the MCAT, take more classes, apply, repeat.

    Any advice?

    Thanks and hi.


Keith -

Since you have a particular school in mind, contacting their admissions department and talking to someone there may get you some specific answers.

Regarding redoing the science classes - I wouldn’t think you’d need to do them all. My personal opinion is that biology changes so rapidly that taking a new biology course might be very worthwhile as we know a lot more than even 15 years ago. If I were to guess, I’d say an admissions committee might like to see a recent organic chemistry as demonstration that you are able to be successful in that more challenging academic course. I think your plan of doing some shadowing and volunteering is excellent.

Meanwhile - welcome to Old Premeds! It’s a lovely place