I take the MCAT a week from today.

And, I’ve done all the classwork on Fast-forward. Sort of the whole drink from the firehose approach. I am pretty nervous about how it will go. I haven’t done as much prep as I like. . .still drinking from the firehose as far as prereqs and working two jobs. Any tips you have will certainly help. I am all signed up for the conference I should be chillin’ in Orlando - all relaxed as the MCAT and coursework will be done (mostly) then. maybe I’ll see some of you there.

Do one more practice MCAT and identify any areas still needing some review. That’s my only suggestion. Do NOT do heavy prep the day before…it’s ok to look at a few things but go to bed early.


I’ll have to go to bed early - its almost a two hour drive to the test site, so I’ll have to be on the road by about 5:45 AM. I may take one more test yet, if I have the time. I think I need to review formulas and such though too.

Yeah, give yourself an MCAT break the day before and make sure you get plenty of rest. Take food and water to keep in your locker. Take everybreak and eat a snack and pee, i know that sounds like knidergarten, but with the nerves the last thing you want is low blood sugar or a nagging bladder in the middle of a section. Good luck.

If you leave 2h away, I’d suggest shelling out an extra 50 bucks and get a room near the site.

I leave only 25 min from the test site and did just that. It was the best decision I had made in a long time.

Driving 2h before the test, IMHO, is not a good idea, aside from all the issues you can run into like traffic, breakdowns and so on…

=possible. Though any room for $50 is not going to have a mattress and bed as nice as my own…

I found a promotion at la quinta. Pretty decent for the price, it was 59 plus tax.

But all in all, this is an excellent investment and I sure appreciated to do it, get away from the kids and have some rest. That’s why I did. It worked well for me.

I use priceline.com to bid on rooms all the time, and we frequently get 3 star hotels for 40-50 bucks, depending on the area.

Check it out–it may save you some bucks and get you a decent room.

I’m with redo, though… too many “ifs” can happen if you are having to drive 2 hours. Plus, you’ll be worn out! Get there the night before if you can, and best of luck… Just try to stay calm (easier said than done, but I panicked and SO wish I could go back and change it!)

It is an emotional and mental marathon–view it as such!!!

(By the way–you are taking the test on my birthday. So I have it on good authority that it’s a VERY good day. )

Let us know how it goes!

I’ll let you all know how it goes. I am still on the fence regarding a hotel room. maybe. . . we’ll see. I’d at least have so,e peace from 4 year old twins and a two year old (though I love them…). I am usually an ok test taker. I did my panicking last weekend. . .feeling ok now - not much I can do now to change the outcome so there’s some release.

This is the wrap-up mostly. I have one bio class, and one math class which I am registered for over the summer, and I am done. I’ll be at conference - hopefully I’ll see some of you there.