i'm not too old for this....

Hi everyone!

I am a 35 year old navy veteran and starting my journey towards becoming a doctor. I have to complete inorganic chemistry, physics, and the MCAT before I am able to apply. I have been a nurse for 7 years. I wake up everyday with the desire to be a doctor. Wish me luck in this process! Most of my friends and family think I am too old to start this endeavor.

I stumbled upon this site (thank God). To all of you who have completed this journey before me…I salute you.


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Welcome to OPM! I, too, have found this site incredibly helpful and encouraging. Continue to use it as a resource as you move forward on your journey.

And no, you’re not too old. If this is what you wake up every day wanting to do, you should go for it.

Best wishes! And keep posting.

Do you have a pulse? Can you breathe without assistance? Are you oriented to the time, date, and who the current standing president is? Congratulations, you’re not too old.

And my personal dorky rallying cry is Rob Schneider in the Water Boy saying, “YOU CAN DEW IT!” It’s going to take forever and day, you’re going to be older no matter what, and you got to keep yourself motivated.

Becky - tell them about me Seriously often the family members’ fears are that medical schools will not accept older applicants. NOT true

I’m curious - you mention needing to complete inorganic chemistry, and not organic chemistry. How does that work?


ps. I’m 53.

Kate you are definitely an inspiration for me! I agree that most of my family members think that med students are 22 year olds not 35 year olds (or older). Most can’t understand why a nurse would want to go back to school. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to do it.

I mistyped and meant organic chemistry in my earlier post.

Thanks for all the encouragement!



That’s the attitude to hold on to!! Woohoo!!