I'm officially a pre-med student

First day of Inorganic Chemistry class today and i loved it! Even though i chose the nursing field, i have always loved Chemistry especially Organic chemistry. I’m looking forward to my first day of my Physics class.

If i was given the option to start the medical school journey from Pre-med to Medical school at age 18 vs starting now at 30, i would choose 30 in a heart beat. I remembered switching majors from Pre-med/Biology to Nursing. It feels good to draw on my life experiences as i’m learning new concepts in the classroom. At 18 i really didn’t know what my calling in life was but 22 years later i’m fully aware and certain about what i want to be.

My friends are shocked that i did it. They keep asking me about the loans. I’m not worried about loans. Between the Income based repayment plan and the Loan Forgiveness plan… thank you Pres. Obama…i’ll be just fine. I just hope Congress doesn’t mess around and take those options away by the time i start paying back.

I’m so excited!

Awesome! Congrats and welcome!

I too am a nurse that will start up my chem, physics and biology this term (next week).


Well…Obama has got nothing to do with any of those. They’ve been on the books for decades before he got in there.

Welcome aboard the crazy train! Friends, family, and coworkers will be shocked. It’s good to know who will support you in this. I know I have the support of some friends and some family. So I don’t bother speaking about this with those family and friends who are not supportive. I come here for like minded older folk on this crazy train of med school.

Choo choo!!

crooz -

I’m lucky in the EVERYONE in my family has been super supportive, in every way. When I “came out of the closet” to my mom beyond “I’m thinking about the possibility of going to med school” to “I’m definately doing a post-bacc premed program and then applying to med school”, her immediate response was a forceful nod with a definitive “Good!” (sort of like, “it’s about time”

All my coworkers were supportive as well, although there was a bit more of the “you’re a braver woman than I am, Gunga din” about it. My physician coworkers were surprised but at least polite and at best very encouraging, which seemed to depend on if they had experienced older non-trad classmates during their education (or if they were happy with their jobs). I was much more selective in the hospital who I told but everyone at the school of nursing I taught at knew and were great!

So all in all, very fortunate. The only negative person was my ex-husband, and well, that’s his personality --not part of my support system so I gave that all the consideration it was due (none).



My wife, 1000%+ supportive. Next would be her mom and then there is my sister.

My FIL is “that’s great if you do and great if you don’t…ya know…don’t get your hopes up though cuz it’s really hard to be a doctor…”

My BIL & SIL are “we’ll believe it when we see it…” My wife and I know that even after that they will still doubt I’m actually a physician. We’re already prepared for their excuses for graduation. Started making a list of possible excuses.

My dear ole Mom is supportive in her own way. Kinda like a negative-positive kinda thing. “You’ll never accomplish this unless you…”

Church family…the pastor is supportive along with a few others. Some are upset because they really saw me planting my own church and think I’m making a mistake. They think I’m walking outside of God’s will for my life. I don’t believe there is such a thing. I believe we are given gifts and talents that better suit us but the actual vocation isn’t His destiny for our lives. The closer we are to using our gifts and talents in our chosen field the happier and more fulfilled we will be with He getting the glory regardless of success or failure.

Co-workers? Happily unemployed and begin as a FT student in 21 days!!!

crooz - sounds like you have the most important support of all - your wife!

Interesting perspective on God’s will for your life. My perspective includes the idea that He gives us the desire of our hearts…perhaps even in the sense of us having the desire/passion for the vocation we choose. So choosing to pursue the desire of your heart could be considered following God’s will

This may apply regardless of one’s belief system, or lack thereof. There’s a saying by a Quaker named John Woolman that goes something like this : “There is that within you which will guide you. A principle within, confined to no forms of religion, nor excluded from any, where the heart stands in perfect sincerity”. If the passion of someone’s heart is taking care of the sick and trying to bring healing, I suspect that is in accordance with said principle. So I guess step one is “know thyself”.