In need of some advice with job

Hi all,

I’m in need of some advice. I’m done with my prereqs and just took the MCAT a second time (first one received a 27Q), and am not completely confident on how this last one went. My grades are pretty good, and I’m set with volunteering, but lack some shadowing experience.

I’ve been working full time through this whole process and I feel run down, burned out, and unhappy. I’m in the middle of filling out the AMCAS application and it’s hitting me how unhappy I am. Not so much with this process, but with my job. I get paid extremely well, but I made the mistake of being honest about my intentions. It went fine at first, my first set of managers understood me and knew that I was still a good worker, and, in general, I like what I do. However, those manager’s have been replaced by new managers and I’m just going through hell with them. They take every opportunity to put me down and derail me. Their treatment of me in addition to my first MCAT score has really contributed to my self confidence being at an all time low.

My fiance and I are getting married in October though, and he’s sort of encouraging me to quit my job. I’m a little nervous about it, considering I have a mortgage, a wedding (parents are helping with this), and am used to living pretty comfortably, and with this economy…I’m just not certain of what to do…I’ve also never just NOT worked… But I’m just so unhappy with my managers…

GoBlue -

Hmm-I’d say GET OUT! Even without another job. If something is poisoning your outlook on life, it is OK to act in self preservation. Sure, start looking, but meanwhile, I"d say to give notice. You will still have a “glide year” to work, and it sounds like your fiance is willing to be financial backup as you look. I don’t know your personal financial situation but it sounds as though this current job is really eating away at you.

That’s my 2 cents, that is free advice and possibly not worth more than you paid for it, but its my opinion. If you can’t see your way clear to do that, plan B (less drastic) is start looking right now for a new job.


Your sanity is everything. I worked as a floor nurse for minutes and couldn’t take another day of measuring I&O’s and answering call lights for drinks, etc.

Spruce up your resume and start the process of finding something, even if it’s at a temp agency. Then, if you are accepted to med school, you can work as much as you want now and can cut the ties when you begin school next summer.

In addition, you will have time to shadow while working temp because they’ll call you when they have something available (could be for a day, week or longer depending or just an afternoon).

You’ll be in a much better place this time next year and in a few short years, when you can call yourself doctor, those managers will still be there, derailing another. Some people are just that way

I agree, life is to short to be miserable. Sometimes, just having an exit plan helps in the short term. Depending on when the wedding is, you might just plan to hang in till then but if it is too far off then that may not work. You may want to see if you can get a medically related job (even as a tech in the ER) just to get medical exposure (killing two birds with one stone). You have a great reason for the job change–you are applying to medical school and want more exposure to medicine.

Even though you may feel down on yourself right now, I think that will start to fade when you start making headway on your future plans. You are so close, don’t give up now. Finish your application, get your wedding planned and “just keep swimming” as Dori says in “Finding Nemo.”