Can I go ahead and have letters of recommendation sent in if I have an interfolio account for application in June of 2012?

Please tell me I can bundle multiple letters together for their $6 delivery charge and I don’t have to send in the letters individually?!?! I would like to do an M.D. packet and Osteopathic packet separately to be able to click and send. I also noted that AACOMAS does not handle letters of evaluation, so I supposed I’ll have to send them directly to the schools, is this correct?

Kinda nice to be to this point, and yet another learning curve to look forward to…how to best handle this application beast!



As far as AACOMAS, you have to send letters to each school. Most schools have accounts with Interfolio and the letters are sent electronically. Sorry, don’t know about the combining of letters into a packet.

Dont’ freak out Dan, it’s way too early!

Interfolio says that paper deliveries are that rate “regardless of the number of documents,” as long as the total isn’t more than 20 pages. If your letters come to more then they add to the price. But it doesn’t explain whether or not that applies to electronic delivery.

Why not call their CS and find out for sure though?

Having said that, all my letters were sent by my pre-health office via VirtualEvals, but I began to wish I’d done Interfolio as I kept runnning into special letter requirements for some schools and felt it was silly to send letters that they didn’t want.

So for DO schools you can send an individual leter packet to each school for $6. So for each school that is six bucks, so it is wise to get them all in early so they can be bundled.

For MD, ACMAS handles the letters for you and your writers can send a copy directly to them, but then you have to have them send one copy to Interfolio and one to ACMAS. I chose to have my letter writers just send their letters to interfolio and then forwarded them onto ACMAS. The one kicker for me was that the way the process was setup on interfolio and the ACMAS, you had to send each letter individually so that was six bucks a letter. Now there could be someone outthere tha knows a better way but that was how I did it. I probably spent $100 at interfolio this year. But as I say “If you ain’t spending wads of cash during application season, You ain’t doing it right!”

I did like Bailey and had everyone send to Interfolio. A number of my writers were non-tech, and mailed the letters to Interfolio, which then uploaded them. That way I could click and select what to send. One of my docs insisted on writing a different LOR for each osteopathic school I was applying to, specifically addressed in the heading to their director of admissions - I had to get the names of the all the D. of Admissions for him. I didn’t think that hurt at all, though. I just gave him different “headings” to send to to interfolio with, so I could bundle together.

I liked Interfolio as I could tweak the letters for each school into the ones they wanted and send it as a packet.


At my undergrad we turned in all our letters to the premed adviser. The adviser then scanned all the letters into Interfolio.

It was a good system. We were able to waive our right to see the letters, but still have someone that could look over the letters to make sure they are favorable for us. I never looked at the letters, nor did my adviser tell me what they said, but she was able to give advice on which ones were best to use.

Thank you to all who posted, interfolio seems like a good way to go!