Hi there, I would like to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Devin.

I am encouraged by the wealth information and like-minded folk. I am 43 years young and wanting to start the path to becoming a Physician.

I have spent the last good many years raising my family and focusing on my Wife completing her PhD (Psychologist). She graduated last year and now we feel we are ready financially to handle me quitting my job and going to school full time.

It has been a long time dream , but it has taken a very long time to get my wife through school and our life financially to a point where we feel comfortable with only one income. Plus the golden handcuffs of a successful career with a lucrative salary make this transition all the more difficult.

I do not feel I can wait any longer and will regret my never following this dream, if I don’t act now.

I have a BS in Business and have been a Director of IT for the past 15 years, this change will be difficult but I’m certain nothing worthwhile is simple.

I look forward to finding others in a similar situation and discussing successful paths that lead to matriculation into a medical school.

One question: is 43 years of age on the higher end ? I have read of a few 50 year olds but not many.



If you have the family support and are financially able to do this then go for it. I started med school at age 47 and just finished. Will be starting my residency here in July at the grand “young” age of 52!!!

Devin -

As far as the schools I have seen, 30’s and 40’s are both not that uncommon for non-trads. Fifties is pushing the envelope a bit


Orla and Kate,

this is encouraging to hear. I guess my next step is to speak with a pre-med advisor, since I have a business degree and don’t have several of the requirements.