I just cut and pasted this from the “lurker” thread…

Lurker here…I finally registered on the boards. I start post bacc prereqs this fall. I am insanely excited! A bit about me: My name is Heather, I am 35, married, mama of 5 (you read that correctly), a licensed massage therapist, and have a degree in English Literature that I never used. I’m still paying for that bugger, as a matter of fact.

Although I have been interested in bio and medicine since I was a kid, I had convinced myself that it was not a career option. No one in my family was involved in the medical field in any way, and so I didn’t have a mentor to help to shape those interests. In hindsight, it’s best that my path has unfolded this way: mothering five kids has made me emotionally stronger and “experientially” wiser than any other path I could have chosen.

After undergoing two years of rather rigorous training in pathology and A&P in order to be an LMT here in Ohio (our state has a notoriously challenging licensing process), excelling, and then being frustrated with my limited scope of practice under the law when working with clients, I decided to pursue medicine. There are many more reasons than that, of course. I am excited, daunted, peeing my pants, and I cannot wait to begin. Thanks for having me.


I look forward to hearing about your journey as you progress! 5 is a lot, but like so many on here can attest to, you can definitely make it.

Indeed, five is a lot, but it’s pretty much my “normal” nowadays. Heh. Thanks for the encouragement!

Just a note:

One of my classmates had 2 boys and after first year, remarried a guy with 3 little girls. A few months into 2nd year, they had a little boy together (so yes, that’s SIX children, IN medical school.

She’s doing great