Is 36 too old??

Greetings all… didn’t realize there were so many people out there like me I am 36 yr old mother of 4. The youngest 3 the eldest 15…going on 25. I just graduated with a B.S in Architecture after working in the industry for 10+ (my ex was an engineer and we had our own business) but Architecture/Engineering while I love it, I have always wanted to be a Dr. My ex convinced me I was never smart enough…however i graduated Magna cum laude:) My initial plan was grad school MS Environmental Engineering however my passion is working with people and making a difference. I thought that providing innovative solutions to the emerging energy crisis would be enough but engineers lack the human component which I need. I would like to be an OB/GYN. But I am afraid at this point 1 year of pre-req’s then APPLYING to med school scares me. This puts me at 41 graduating from med school. Not including my residency. The positives is being an M.D is work that I can do for at least another 25 years…I would just like some others candid thoughts…thanks for listening!

No! That’s all I’m going to write…No!

Life begins at 40! I just graduated from med school at the age of 58 and look forward to many years of practice.

Don’t let age deter you. How old will you be in 5 years if you work towards and go to med school? And how old will you be if you don’t!

We come from very similar places. You are slightly older than I am, but we are both non traditional students with four children. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 2, almost 3. Life is going to pass, God willing, regardless of what we are doing and what goals we are looking to achieve. This is especially true for us as moms. I can’t believe my oldest will be 8 this year. I look back over the past 7.5 years and it’s almost a blur; it went by so quickly! There is something about being a mother that makes you realize that time speeds up with every passing year. I say all that to say this: The next 7 years, (or in your case, 5 years) will pass quicker than you can imagine and it doesn’t matter what you are doing… that time is still going to come and go. Why not go to school? You can do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. It’s only too late if YOU think it is. 36 is too old only if you think it is. For the record, we don’t think it is. 40 is the new 20! Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.

To echo Linda Wilson, DO, read this:…

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Is 36 too old??

Lawd, I hope not!

You’ll be fine.

I am 38, married with two kids, one age 9 the other 8 months. I won’t be matriculating until 2013 at age 43. I will graduate medical school age 47. Don’t let age be a deterrent. You will get older no matter what. It might as well be while you’re doing something you always wanted to do. …and why do people think you are OLD just because you are over 30? I am young darn it!!

Heck no it not to old! I am 50 and applying now.

Nah, not too old.

54 here, finishing 2nd year on Friday!


I am just a few years younger and I refuse to believe that I am too old for anything. In fact, I’m of the belief that I am actually young. I have been sitting on the fence with this for many years until a friend of mine told me, " look when you are 40 years old and the new year comes, how do you want to bring that new year in?? a doctor or still miserable with what your doing now". You will turn 40/41 regardless. How do you want that year to greet you? We all have some insecurities about this new chapter in our lives but don’t let age be a determining factor, especially when you are still in your prime

Thanks all!!! I truly value and appreciate your input…Cheers

Im in my late 20’s and when I was 18 I remembered crying and whining that I was “too old” for anything lol… Now after rekindling my goal for med school I couldn’t be happier and I admire anyone who disregards age in pursuit of their dream.

I hope you’re not too old - I’m almost 40 so that would make me too old too!

This is maybe the most asked question here. I think we should take a poll and decide the question once and for all with a statistical analysis of the results. - Just kidding -

but my vote for this one is definitely NOT too old

I agree with the other posters. I’m 37 and haven’t even started my pre-reqs yet, so I sure hope starting in my 40s won’t be an issue! Thanks to all the other posters who are 40+ and in med school or have graduated. It’s very encouraging to hear about your success!

Yeah, this is definitely not a question to ask on OldPreMeds…I think the name says it all!

I remember when I first found OPM (a year before I registered). I was amazed that there were so many others with this dream of becoming a physician who were around my age (47). I grew up with stories of my uncle who was denied medical school acceptance because he was over 25 (he was accepted DO). My sister went to med school in her 20s like a typical linear student. My brother went in his early 30s, and is now a neurosurgery resident. I was just accepted.

My mother is one of my greatest fans - she started law school at 75.

You’re never ever too old!

Not at all. I was just talking to the doctor I worked with and he was saying how the guy at the top of his class at Johns Hopkins was actually in the 40s. It was really amazing.

That is nice to hear!

Tis doable

EVEN if you have to start OVER… as I did!

Enrolled as a “young Freshman” at the University of Kansas ON my 38th BIRTHDAY August 21, 2000!

(I had great fun with my wife Kathy; she was listed as my “parent or guardian” when the honor rolls were posted in the paper! That first semester a postcard from KU started

“As a parent of a new JAYHAWK, we know you are very proud of young Richard”…

I used to smile smugly when I got “carded” for beer at our favorite eatery in Lawrence… I don’t recall if I ever confessed that a classmate of mine who worked there was playing along!)

Graduated 2004 with BGS in Human Biology minor in O Chem.

Matriculated KU School of Medicine 2004 age 42

Graduated with MD in May 2008 at 45…