It's Official...

Well, after much deliberation, and soul searching, I have made the decision to go for it.

Some of you may remember my previous threads about being in Texas and being able to take advantage of the “Academic Fresh Start” as well as the local Community College has a “Wintermester” where I can take one course. Then start the fulltime in the spring.

I have now registered!!! Since I am taking advantage of the Fresh Start I have to start fresh.


Composition/Rhetoric I

Spring Semester:

Calculus I

General Chem I

General Chem I Lab

Principles of MacroEconomics

Composition/Rhetoric II

Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Can’t wait for Dec 13th (Wintermester start)

best of luck!!

This is a great step!! Congrats on your decision and best wishes as you move forward!

Wonderful! Looks like you have a sound strategy in place that will advance you toward your goals!!


That is going to be a load if you’ve been out of school a while. Maybe it doesn’t take everyone by surprise, but I found myself buried deeper than I remember being 20 years ago…

Watch some of those simple sounding classes like Speech. They can be a real time sink with the amount of writing and re-writing that some require. A friend of mine who is a math major and taking a lot of classes spends more time on work for his one speech class than any other.

Good luck!

Thanks for the support everyone!

Yes, it is going to be a full load, and I am so excited to get this journey going after all these years.

As for speech, that and macro are the two classes I am not worried about. I have been a motivational speaker and business coach for about 10 years now. So I am “hoping” those are my “easy” courses. As if after all this time anything could be considered “easy”.

I have been working on Calc and Chem on trying to get a “head start”. As well as I feel like the Wintermester one class will give me a nice ramp up for the Spring.

Again, this forum is incredible. I love reading all the stories. I just finished OMTDave’s diary, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Especially since I am here in the DFW area.

And so it begins…

I get an email at 4:37 pm the Friday before classes start on Monday, that my class has been canceled.

Really? Don’t they realize that this seriously messes with my “Plans”?

So instead of taking Composition/Rhetoric I for my Wintermester class, I am now taking American Government I.

Oh well.

It’s a beginning, no matter what the class. :slight_smile: