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Hi all,

I’m back after a brief stint away and then some time lurking. I’m getting ready to continue with pre-reqs soon (hopefully this fall or next spring), but getting a headstart on previewing material will be ideal since I work fulltime. Has anyone watched any of the lectures on iTunes U for review/study and what do you think of them? I’ve come across some great free bio lectures from UC Berkeley and Chem lectures from Yale.

Please let me know your thoughts as well as other free study resources that you know of.


I haven’t personally used them, but I have a friend that I was in school with who swears by them. Khan Academy also seems to be very popular, as well. Make sure to check into the courses offered through MIT if you’re interested in advanced/esoteric topics.

I haven’t used it much myself, but there are people on this site (you know who you are … PIXIE!) who also swear by Khan Academy. If you have an iPad, Khan Academy also has an app, which is pretty handy (I’ve downloaded it but not put it to much ues yet, although I plan to as I start MCAT studying).

Honestly, I’ve also come across some pretty helpful videos just searching on YouTube. When I was struggling with several biochemistry concepts, I found some amazing video lessons there. They really helped clarify some things that my professor hadn’t explained well. In the process, I also stumbled across gen chem and orgo lessons. So that’s another free venue.

Depending on your learning style - i.e., if you learn well by reading a book - you might want to check out what your local library has, or what you can get through your interlibrary loan system. There are TONS of book series out there that offer lessons in the basic sciences (such as the Demystified or the For Dummies series). If you like the books when you check them out, you can always buy a used copy on Amazon or eBay later.

Hope that helps! It’s great to see you back, good luck as you get going with the pre-reqs, and keep us posted on your progress!

P.S. If you are a podcast listener, I’m a big fan of Sound Medicine. It’s a very listenable, but also very educational, podcast put out by Indiana University. There are a lot of medically-related podcasts out there, but in my opinion as a former journalist, this is one of the best, if not the best in terms of news, information, and usefulness.

Khan Academy saved my life and got me through Calculus. It was no less than a miracle!

I’m not sure about the actual value of “previewing” material so far in advance, unless what you really mean is to learn on your own so you’re ahead of the ball and can get the A’s in your pre-reqs. If that’s the case, the quality of the material is dependent upon who offers it (some schools provide a lot better materials via iU than others) and how well you can research your own fill-in-the blank materials.

As Terra said, I am the KA cheerleader. For mathematics, it is unbeatable. In every other area Khan is improving daily, and can be great for answering late night questions that you can’t answer via a YouTube/Google search.

  • VickiV Said:
Khan Academy saved my life and got me through Calculus. It was no less than a miracle!

Quote for truth. Plus, everytime it loads you can yell "Khaaaaaaaaaan!" in Shatner's voice. Which is always fun.

I didn’t even look at Khan until the MCAT; it was pretty pretty good…

Gotta give you proper geek cred for that

I love you, Pixie!


Re: iTunes university

east Tennessee university has some good video on both A&P and chemistry. Looks like they also have orgo and biochem, but I’m not at the level to even look at that. I even saw a few med school level courses, … but Pixie has me beat with the Shatner Khannn!!! trump card she played…

I have clients who swear by Khan, fwiw.