Just a little pep talk.....

I just wanted to share my own personal victory with everyone, and thought maybe it would show some on here that yes you can do this. The first time I took OChem was almost 15 years ago and I got a D (possibly minus). So I was really intimidated by the idea that I was going to have to do weel in this if I was going to achieve my med-school dream. Today I got my third test of the semester back with an 89% (class avg 43). The 89% has given me an A in the class for the semester and has allowed me to skip the final. So with just more hard work and effort and confidence, you can rise from your mistakes.

This may sound silly but I am so stoked for OChem II. I want to show that one who’s boss now.

Right-on and congrats!

Well Done!

Congrats! Of course you are stoked for O Chem II! Nothing succeeds like success


Awesome job!! Thanks for sharing

That’s great – congrats!

On the same theme, though much less impressive than your story, I took a differential equations class for my original physics major that I did terrible in. I got a ‘D’, and frankly I was lucky to get that. Now, 20+ years later, I have been going through khanacademy.org’s differential equations lectures, and have been understanding them and doing all the problems right along. I have been stunned to discover that differential equations is easy! (In principle, at least.) All this time I thought it was hard, but it was just my own mind not understanding how it works.

I am convinced that many times, as our brains continue to mature, we just reach the point that we can “get it” even if we couldn’t when younger. Don’t know if this applies in your case, but I’ve seen it time and again in mine.


I see that in my studies now. I don’t know if my brain just wasn’t on the right track then or I wasn’t mature enough to put in the effort. I see plenty of “kids” in my class who ask me how I got my grade and when I explain that I spent 20 hours of the weekend before the test in the library studying, they kind of shut down. I must admit the guy back in 1997 would have been like that. I also think that as we age our problem solving skills mature. While memorization doesn’t do as well learning how to solve the problems seems to be a lot easier.


So if you take the final, they might have to come up with a grade called O for Outstanding.



congrats! i also have an A in OChem I right now (unfortunately I can’t skip my final) and am looking forward to OChem II next semester.

so whoever is still wondering if they can do it years after being out of school, this is to demonstrate yes you can. and you can blow away all the sophomores in your class.

(read in the style of high school cheerleading squad)

Ochem! Ochem! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Orgo! Orgo! Sis! Boom! Bah!

Goooooooo BaileyPup!

Just another little update to this story. I went to see my OChem Prof. today just to tell him how great the class was and to ask him if there was a way that I could get him to write a letter of recommendation (you know help in the lab, or whatever). Before I could even ask him he volunteered to write me one.

Awesome! You deserve a great LOR, I’m sure. :]

Isn’t that a great feeling? Enjoy it!

Awesome!! The Ochem2 is already quivering in fear…



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