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Oh forgot - no, I am not a spammer. Despite just 5 posts I am indeed suffering through med school year 1 with 20 yr old kids!

Thanks so much for posting that link! I’m having a really hard week and somehow hearing someone else’s feelings made me feel less crazy. Definately had some thoughts this week of bagging the whole thing and moving back to my home (which has been on the market not selling, since May, costing me $1000/month…no doubt part of my stress!

Had a test yesterday, probably did fine but all I can obsess over is what I know I got wrong. Finished anatomy and passed it but blew the practical of the head and neck exam…as you say…is it a nerve? and artery? trigeminal or facial? zygomatic or maxillary? I’m done and thankful I did fine overall, but I really identified with your posts about that region - it was very frustrating! It’s a lot easier to learn material if you have some degree of certainty that what you are trying to commit to memory is correctly identified to begin with!

I have in my head this picture of what I SHOULD be doing in each course to be an A student (or even a B student…or even pass). And it is just impossible to do all those things. Somehow I have to do enough, and in every course, and balance it so nothing is TOO neglected. As you say, how can I go walk. I know I need to, and it is beneficial, but my motivation is at an all time low.


Lucky you! I have to repeat one of the parts of my anatomy block so this albatross is still around my neck and getting heavier by the minute! The head and neck exam is also coming up here shortly so I had better pass it or else I’m half way out the door.

I have found out that being successful in med school is not about how much you learn but how you learn it! If you figure out how to approach the material you can be an A student with much less effort you are putting in now, as am I!

Hang in there!

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Seems the same strategies don’t work everywhere. Good luck on the head and neck exam! By the way, did you check out : NERVOUS SYSTEM ANATOMY: cerebral spinal fluid CSF flow kata

Wasn’t very content dense but seemed a good combination of exercise and study:)


Oops - posted the title instead of the link which is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efw0JbTSmyY


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