Just to say, it's definitely doable

Hi all.
Long time ago, I embarked on the journey many of you are contemplating. At some point, I was contributing daily on this forum while gathering info and sharing the bit I knew. I started my premed Journey is 2009. I am now finishing my radiology residency and have found a job starting next year. The bottom line is that anything is possible. So Just make it happen!

For fun this is the link to my first post on this forum (dated Dec 4, 2009)…

this is inspiring. so now you’re 44 and beginning a new life.
I’m in a similar situation. Won’t apply until 38, and probably finish at 45.
Congrats on finishing residency and getting a job.
I was surprised to read that a biology teacher had to go prove they could take biology courses lol

Hi monergist.
Thank you for the note. Actually I am 46 and will finish when I am 47! Radiology is not the shortest specialty…
Good luck to you.

@redo-it-all Thanks for posting this. I am also a PhD (molecular track) and, after many wonderful experiences I am applying to med school. I just joined this forum today. Is there a private messaging place here where we can connect? I’d love to get some advice from someone with what sounds like a very similar background.

Hi WillowBay
Sure, I would be happy to help whenever I can.
Make sure to search the forum for my posts, where you can already glean a lot of info.
That said, if you want to connect privately, my email is m.errami@gmail.com

In any event, I wish you the best of luck. All I can say is that if you want to do it, then you can. If I did, so can you!