mcat prep

I’m preparing for the mcat on my own with the assistance of kaplan review books and their online resources(quizzes, practice mcat exams, review modules, etc.) I have about 3 months before I sit for the actual mcat. What are some good strategies for preparing for the mcat on your own with a 3 month time frame? How should I manage my study time to cover the different subjects present on the mcat? For example, should I spend 1 week on Bio, 1 week on Chem. etc. Any advice would be grateful.

I think you’ll get a lot of different answers on this because everyone studies differently. Also, when you took your pre-reqs might make a difference. If you still have organic fresh in your head, you might not need to devote as much to it.

My advice would be to purchase all the official practice exams, and start on them sooner than later. Do them under timed conditions as you would on test day. This will help steer your studies based on your weak spots. I would do one every other week, starting now for example. If you can’t achieve the score you want on the practice exams in those timed conditions, you may want to reschedule. Keep in mind, that many people do worse on the actual exam than on the practice tests.

Good luck.

Another thing you might do is get the list of topics from each subject that are covered on the MCAT. Then review in more depth those that you feel less comfortable with. Hit the “weak spots” first (spend maybe a week on this), then comprehensive working thru some of each subject/wk, and review the weak spots again in the last week.

I concur with the recommendation to do some practice exams in there under test conditions.