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Is it worth it? I listen to the guys podcast and he does have some really good tips and I am finding some of the survival tips for MS-1 good, but he wants like 30-40 bucks a month to join his site to get access to more indepth help. As a student I won’t have that kind of jack just sitting around, is it worth it?

Haven’t done it so can’t vouch for or against, but my instinct is that it is NOT worth it - because you are unlikely to have the TIME to take advantage of it, no matter how helpful it might be.

There are great study tools but you have to be very selective as to what you spend your time on. I BADLY want to subscribe to Pathoma for 2nd year for the resources but so far am unsure I have time to utilize it. May do so anyway. But when you are staying up all night before a test because you have yet to review some of the lectures even once, -when are you going to do extra?


Hi Kate.

I signed up for Pathoma, and they had a deal at the time. I think it was $100 for book and online videos…with online access for 24 months (through Step 1). So far I think it’s helpful. Not in depth enough to be your only path review for step one, but definitely helpful. Lovely voice and easy to listen to