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I am not sure if this is appropriate to ask. Could we set up some sort of Mentor / Mentee program?

Obviously some of you, who are in med school, know a ton of stuff. For instance, I am presently working on my essay (16 months in advance) and have no idea how to best tackle it. An essay is quite personal and I wouldn’t see the point in posting it on the forum to get opinions. I would seriously benefit from “closer” contacts with a non trad who successfully made it.

I could see this relationship extend to residency while the Mentee is in school etc…

Or perhaps there is somewhere on this forum where this is done?

Let me know.

I think this is a great idea. I am about to start my post-bacc next fall. And, honestly, the uncertainty and all the things I have never done before scare the hell out of me. I would be very interested in a program like this.

If it is done, I would like to be mentored and would be fully willing to mentor others if (when!) I make it to ‘the other side.’

What a great idea! I will be applying next spring and would love to have someone who has “been there/done that” in my corner.

Ok so, perhaps we could have a sticky or something on this post where mentees would post their names, locations and status. Mentors could do the same or directly contact mentees that they’d like to mentor.

Let’s see if a webmaster picks up the thread.

I certainly need to be mentored, geez this is confusing.

I will be an M1 beginning this fall. I would be happy to “mentor” anyone who thinks they might benefit from my experience. I have had a couple mentors who helped me tremendously. I am 35, father of 2, completed my prereqs, volunteering, and MCAT in 1 yr, and was fortunate to get a number of MD interviews and acceptances. I would probably be most helpful in terms of how to complete prereqs, MCAT prep, putting together a strong application and PS, school selection, and interviewing. Please send me a private message if you want to talk more.

Thanks AntMan

We need more Mentors. So if you feel you can be one, please shoot your name.

Thanks all.

Great idea. I’d also be interested in personally getting together with other OPM’ers to exchange info. I am new to this site and from Seattle. Anybody interested?


I’d also be happy to help those in the process. I will be starting my residency in the fall at the age of 39 (one month shy of 40!) in Milwaukee. But just a heads up that I tend to not sugar coat things.

Feel free to private message me if anyone feels like they’d like a mentor or just some friendly (albeit, direct) thoughts.

I think you guys may be onto something…however, I am not sufficiently tech savvy to facilitate a new forum. I can, however, make this a sticky & ask if one of our Board is sufficiently intrigued to direct one of our web gurus onto the task.

I know I chimed in earlier with my thoughts, but I would just like to reiterate that I think that this is such a wonderful idea.

There is such a wealth of wisdom and experience on this forum. I actually considered starting the process in 2006, but like so many others, I talked myself out of it.

It wasn’t until I came back to this site, last summer, and started reading these stories again that I finally remembered why medicine was for me. Now, I am almost half way through my pre-reqs and am so glad that I finally made up my mind. This site energizes me, the amazing journeys of the OPMers have been so inspiring and enlightening.

I can think of no better way of learning to navigate this crazy maze, than from the mouths of those that have made it through.

Great idea!

I am glad this idea is being found useful. It is already benefiting me and I hope that it will benefit many. Should I make it to Med School, I will happily transition from being a Mentee only to a Mentee/Mentor.

Are you interested in having a mentor? The poll will be up for 1 month. After that I will work on putting together an application for information based on the response. If more people want it than do not then we will start it.

It would be unthinkable to turn down any advice or assistance offered.

Hi OldManDave:

Just a suggestion, perhaps we could also have local groups where people can meet (monthly?) in person and exchange tips and info.

You’d just need one person per city who is in charge. I’d be happy to be the Seattle person.


Volmar Gaussmann

This a great idea. Is there any mentors in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area? I know of two others on here that live in that area. Mentor us please

I could certainly use a mentor in this process…I’m just about to begin from the beginning and could use all of the advice/insight/wisdom that I can get my hands on.

I could use some help, too.

I can definitely use some help too! this is a great idea!!! is there anyone in Atlanta interested?

I think this is a fabulous idea! It’s just difficult because a lot of med students/residents are so busy.