My 1st MCAT Practice Test

So…I did something unwise, I think. I am currently enrolled in Organic and Physics 1, and I’m taking the MCAT in April or May of next year.

I have to tell on myself–haven’t really started studying yet. So the other night, I thought, “Let’s get a baseline.” and I went to the online practice test on the MCAT website. Except I decided to watch a movie and play with my daughter while I took it. Looking back, I seriously just kind of flopped my way through it. At one point, I answered 2 whole blocks of questions without even realizing there were corresponding passages that would’ve helped me. I honestly don’t know why I’m surprised with my results.

When it was all said and done, I scored a 31. 14V/9BS/8PS. Eeeesh. For my personal goal, that is nowhere near good enough to make it happen.

Sooo…now I have additional anxiety that wasn’t there before, and I have no one to blame but myself.

When they say, “treat every practice test like the real thing?” They know what they’re talking about. (Whoever ‘they’ is. )

Just throwing that out there–in care you are prepping for a spring exam like I am. Do yourself a favor… prep like you mean it!!!

I think that is pretty incredible actually. I scored 31 on the real thing - focused!!!

My first practice test was around a 23 I think.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Thanks, Lynda–truly. I guess my overall takeaway lesson from the whole experience is that I need to practice like I mean it. I’m never going to really be able to ID my weak spots if I don’t sincerely know that I gave it my best. I’m a good guesser and a great reader, so I always do ok on standardized tests–but I know the score I’m shooting for in order to have a pale shot at an interview at my school of choice…and I definitely have some work to do! I have time…I know that… I just need to make sure that my study skills are what they need to be.

This thing is kinda serious…I should practice it that way!!

On an unrelated note, I simultaneously managed to rehearse some music tonight (for a band thing this weekend), worked out circular motion equations for tomorrow morning’s physics lab, AND cheered on the St Louis Cardinals to a victory at the same time. It appears that I have reached a whole new level of multi-tasking. LOL

This whole pre-med journey has convinced me that I can do WAY more with my time than I ever did before!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

Was that AAMC 3R? If so, that’s a very good score! I did something similar for a baseline when I was only halfway thru and scored a 27. A 31 with a 14 on verbal is great!

Nice Job,


AAMC 3R–That’s the one, Dan… yup, it’s a nasty little booger! Although, I’m just nerdy enough to actually like standardized tests.

I think the part I will dislike most is the written/essay portion. I’m just too lazy after a test like that to formulate concise, imaginative, well written thoughts. Let’s stick to the multiple choice!

A classmate loaned me the CD set of MCAT by Osmosis (?or something like that?) this morning to put on my iPod. I have a road trip coming up, so it will be nice to have it to listen to… onward and upward!

Carrieliz -

First - that’s great for not trying/distracted/etc. You must be a very fast reader!

Second - before freaking out, you might do a serious try under exam conditions. THAT will be a more meaningful baseline

Third - regarding the written portion - I thought the Kaplan prep for that actually was quite useful for me. Some structural strategies, some “mandatory point deductions” to avoid, some strategies to get points. I don’t think it has a huge impact on your overall score, but worth a weekend or two practicing. My problem was always timing. Tried to pull it all together, and would run out of time in the middle of a sentance. If you don’t get your conclusion stated that’s a problem.

I practiced my timing, making a (brief) outline and sticking to that, and still managed on the real thing to be 2 words shy of the end of a sentance on one of essays. Sheesh. did fairly well anyway, however.



Let me know what you think of the MCAT Audio Osmosis would you?

Its not something I would normally buy, but I have a couple long drives in my future (inc potentially a 1300 mile drive to Orlando next June ).



Crepitus–so far it seems pretty decent. It’s Exam Krackers stuff, so I trust it.

Cheesy background music and cornball jokes, but I just laugh and roll my eyes and move on.

I think it’s a good add-on to the rest of our review, but of course not a replacement. It’s good for identifying terms I’m not familiar with immediately…so I can jot them down and look them up later. My guess is that the more you listen to it, the faster you are at relating to the subject content. It basically gets you very familiar and comfortable with a broad range of topics that you can then go practice when you aren’t driving, working, etc.

More than anything, it makes me feel like I’m doing more to prepare–even when I can’t dedicate solid study blocks…which improves my confidence, etc.

if you have lots of road time, I say go for it…

To me that’s an awesome score. You wanna know what mine was…15 total. Lol. Although I’ve been out of school for 5 years when I took it. I took the baseline test just to see what was still fresh in my old head. Apparently nothing much. Studying for MCATs now. But unless your planning on going to Harvard or Yale, I wouldn’t be anxious over that score by no means; especially a baseline score.

Carrie - I’m taking my first practice MCAT tomorrow. Kaplan is offering one online. It’s supposed to be somewhat of a simulation since you have to log in at a certain time, and have all of the time limits and such in place. Are the AAMC practice tests free? I’ll have to check that out. I’d been planning on taking a prep course but it’s just not in the budget unfortunately. My plan is to sit for the April test date so I need to get moving on my studying.

I think your score was great for a baseline/first attempt. It’s a great score even if it wasn’t just a practice attempt!

Erica –

AAMC offers one practice test online for free, but charges for the others. They are well worth the expense – if you’re going to buy practice exams, buy from the most recent (the highest number, e.g., test 11).

If you’ve still got money left over after getting a couple of practice tests, I recommend getting a copy of a review book. I used the Princeton Review, and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. If that’s too expensive, see if you can find a copy at the library – it covers test taking strategy as well as material, which is absolutely vital for the MCAT. You have to study the test at least as much as your physics, biology, and chemistry!

Good luck studying! I hope it goes well