My chances at Medical School?

Hi board! I am a 30 year old male student who just joined this group after years of reading various posts. Good work, very informative postings. Here’s mine if you would like to take a look. Feed back is appreciated.

my story:

B.S. human biology at a State Univ. 2.60 gpa (2001)

Post bacc at a state University 3.75 one semester left.

MACT this April

I have had 9 years as an EMT (no longer active). Worked PT/FT in a hospital in college for 3 years as a Patient Care Assoc.

I have volunteered with numerous groups, shadowed docs, and done some traditional hospital volunteer work.

Since college I have had good employment and continued volunteer work and many years of the EMT as explained above. I finally matured and began to budget my time and study and I have a 3.75 in the science post bacc classes so far with 2 more classes this spring.

I have worked for the federal gov. in law enforcement for the last 5 years. I go to school part time and somehow make a bad schedule work for me. I continue to volunteer in my community and will do anther few rounds of shadowing soon.

I have never done research.

I am hoping to get into an allopathic, domestic medical school. I might settle for a good Carib school, or maybe Israel. What do you think? What is the boards take on this? What are my chances of entrance to the class starting 2011? What can I change if anything now with an already packed schedule? Should I seek out lab time and try to get onto to a research project over the summer? I have been focused on getting my grades up over the last year and now my focus is the MCAT, I am just concerned when I read some of the postings out there with people published 6 times before hitting medical school.

Well, a lot depends on what sort of medical schools you are planning to apply to. Some schools are heavier research schools, but some allopathic medical schools have a strong emphasis on clinical medicine.

Very few of the post-bacc students in my class had research experience. Those who were primarily interested in medical research were able (sometimes through the department chair of the program) to become involved in research. The others applied without having research experience or being published. So far the program grads have been very successful getting into medical school (100% of last years class got in - all of them applied successfully to allopathic schools). So in my limited experience, lack of research experience is not a dealbreaker.


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What are your chances? If you don’t apply, your chances are zero, zilch, nada, nothing

If you apply your chances are better than that

(sorry if that sounded curt and obnoxious but I’m from new york)

Since you have already invested the time and money to nearly complete a Post-Bacc, you have already invested yourself in this. It sounds like FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is creeping into your plans. Rule one is take a breath. You are currently NOT in medical school. The worst that could happen is you won’t get in and still wont be in medical school. You’ll be no worse off than you are now. You can only go up.

Yeah, it is an atypical attitude but I think more energy is wasted in what MIGHT happen instead of doing your best to MAKE it happen.

And now back to our regularly schedule programming

Thanks Richard

I needed to hear that. I am nearing the end of my post bacc journey and have begun feeling unsettled, unsure etc. As I read your post, I realized that FUD was creeping in. I should print and post your “rules” from the conference last summer to remind myself.

Anyway, your post helped me so I hope it helps the OP.


Great Response! And if I may add to it using an old quote…“Nothing ventured, Nothing gained!”

hey ya’ll! i’m a 38 year old idiot. i will retire from the military in 5 years. i am 2 classes away from an associates degree ( is see most of you already have four year degrees). i was horrible at math and science in high school, but that doesn’t deter me from being interested in medicine. go figure! i guess i’m just looking for a group of people to kick me in the butt and tell me it’s ok…that i can do it.

  • reycraig333 Said:
Great Response! And if I may add to it using an old quote..."Nothing ventured, Nothing gained!"

My favorite: "If you don't ask, they can't say 'yes.'"