Let me just say I am a very happy woman.

Congratulations Denise!!! I am very happy that your results were pleasing. Please keep us posted as you move forward.

Hi there…
so don’t be so mysterious!!! Especially if you’re so happy .
Anyway! I’m glad that you’re happy with your score. I hope they’ll get you in to your 1st choice school

12 vs
12 ps
11 bio
Happy dance!
This is a 5-point improvement over my very first practice exam. ExamKrackers is da bomb!

you rule, girl!!!


Awesome Denise! Congrats on such great scores.

Would you mind sharing your secret (study methods)? Congratulations!

YIPPEE!! That’s incredible! We’re very proud of and happy for you!

I used ExamKrackers materials exclusively:
The third edition full set of books, plus I updated with a 5th edition Bio book. I had the O-chem and Bio 1001 questions books but never cracked them. For more than a 5-point improvement it would be wise to do so.
I got the recommended 10-week study schedule from ExamKrackers and put it into my calendar: this night you pre-read the chapters for the week, this night you do these two, etc. I used the EK Audio Osmosis to listen to lectures. If I had it to do over again I would have started listening to them on my bicycle commute sooner so I heard them twice each day instead of once.
About every other weekend (this also appears on the schedule) I would take an AAMC practice exam. The next day I would go over all the questions and answers and explanations to see what I did and didn’t understand and to figure out what areas I needed to improve.
The EK study schedule has a kind of “zen week” at the end, in which you kind of mellow out and just touch up your weak areas. I found this very helpful and I pulled up 2 points from my last practice test when I took the real deal.
They absolutely forbid you to study the last two nights before the test, and I concur. I was pretty burned out by then and needed a break. Since then I’ve read Joyce Brothers’ book on memory and learned that your memory of something you’ve studied actually improves a day or so later, so it’s a valid requirement. Take the break. I went contra dancing the night before the exam and just left a little early to get to bed on time. Don’t go to bed extra early; you’ll just give yourself insomnia.
For me, the weak points were still formulae trivia and a few pertinent bio facts; the understanding of the questions and reading the passages to see what was and wasn’t important wasn’t as hard for me. If you’ve had tests like GRE in the past you’ll know whether this applies to you or not and you can choose your own study strategy. At the same time, be aware that MCAT verbal is different from GRE verbal. I knocked the GRE verbal completely out of the park, and here on the MCAT all I gave it was a good hard smack. But I’ll take it.


Excellent work!!! Congratulations!

Denise nicely delineates the specifics of her MCAT preparation - the time she spent that was distinctly focused on getting ready to take the MCAT. What I’d like to also point out is that she has been working hard in her prerequisite classes during the past few years, really mastering the material and feeling confident with it, and that counts for a LOT too. It isn’t just about “how to take the test.” You do need to really have a good grasp of the material in order to attain the level of confidence she did.
I am soooooo happy for you, Denise!

Woo hoo!!! Congrats Denise!!!

Way to go, Denise!! I knew you’d blow it away!

Denise, those are awesome stats!!! Again, congrats!!!


Congratulations! Way to go!

That is such GOOD NEWS!!! I hope you celebrated in style after you found out! Now, we will all be waiting to hear where your acceptances will be in a few short months. Keep us posted! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

My friend Martha called me up to invite me out to dinner. By the time she was done making calls, we were a party of five. Margaritas were consumed, and celebration was happenin’, and neither Martha nor I was the designated driver.
Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes!
I am a little concerned that I’m the only one posting about the MCAT. Surviving the test and doing your very best is an achievement. I found Judy’s 41 last year intimidating. I went to SDN and looked at points posted and boy, the people who scored more than I did were the only ones posting! There is a range of scores and many of them will open the door to med school. I hope everyone got some good news yesterday and is getting ready to push that “submit” button really soon!
This is just another hoop we had to jump. Let’s go jump some more.
If this is hokey, I blame the margaritas!