Although I will not take the exam until August, I was wondering the same thing. I personally was hoping to see some more posters in terms of their results. But again, I know that scores can be a sensitive subject. Still, as Denise mentioned, I have seen so many different scores get folks in the door.
Come on folks, don’t be shy!! Share the good news!!! I plan to share my results later in the year, if that helps at all.

Way to go… you give me hope!!!

Yes, this april’s MCAT went well in the end. Now I can give away those MCAT review books that I was keeping just in case…

Do what I did–donate them to the OPM raffle! It feels good!
Well, except the part about hauling them through the airport in your carry-on. That part was kind of sucky.

Congratulations grousek!!!

You go!


Yes, this april’s MCAT went well in the end. Now I can give away those MCAT review books that I was keeping just in case…

Congrats! Best of luck in the application process.

Absolutely Sensational Denise!!!
I’m very happy for you and I had no doubt!!

I was thinking of it, but I am moving in a few months and don’t want to lug those books around… So I’m giving them away for free on craigslist in Washington, DC. May as well spread the love!
I have submitted my AMCAS, now I am waiting for it to be processed. It feels great to have it out of my hands, but now that everything is out of my control (at least until secondaries arrive), I feel a little at loose ends!
Thanks for the comments! I have to say that I was expecting worse than a 32 s, so I’m really relieved!

Wow, what a totally cooking score–the writing especially! You rock!
Keep an eye on that AMCAS site–they’re processing like grass through a goose!

Thanks so much! And congratulations on your score - that is so fantastic!
I’m glad that AMCAS is processing quickly. All my transcripts came in tuesday morning, so it was officially put in line for review then. Can’t wait for secondaries (ok, maybe i can, but all this waiting is tough).

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to give my MCAT books away yet. We’ll see how the application process goes. I got a 27P. Not great, but hopefully it’ll get me in anyway. It’s hard telling when your other activities will get you in despite your scores. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Congrats Leia23!

Well, I’m chiming in late, but Way To Go Denise!!

Congrats, Denise. That is awesome!

Congratulations, Denise. Now that the results are in what’s next? Where ya gonna go?

Thanks, Seth!
I just filled out most of the secondary for MCW. I just have to hear back from my advising office that my letters are in before I have them sent off. I’m doing Early Decision there because I’d like to take my best shot at staying in Milwaukee. With luck my application should be complete in a week or two and the admissions committee meets pretty quickly to decide whether to offer interviews. I’ll keep you all posted.
The fact that MCW does not have a single flipping essay in its secondary is just a bonus.

The hookup is:
10 Biological
12 Physical
13 Verbal
T Writing

WOOHOOO! You go, Boy!