Need a spot check on my last (maybe?) premed year or ...

Need some help gang… I’m really struggling with a decision . . . have been for a couple months… regarding my schedule for the next year and when to apply.

The context:

-Late 40’s and starting to feel old.

-Last semester involved some prolonged, significant health issues that allowed me to stay in school, but off work and with some less than stellar grades.

-A marital reconciliation attempt over the last two years is not going to take, divorce proceedings will probably renew in the next month.

-4 kids, 3 of them still in middle school/high school.

-Back to work, work full time, 13 hr shifts on weekends in a hospital.

-3.85 GPA, not smoking science classes, B to A-

-Will have a personal history defect on app that will keep some schools from looking at me, have always presumed my application needs to be superior as possible.

-Not anticipating a particularly high MCAT . . . 28ish

The school parameters:

27 credit hours left to graduate with a BS. Yet to take are calc, Physics 2, Organic II, Orgo Lab, Biochem, want to retake Organic I (my only poor grade).

I tried to study for the MCAT for this May/June, but was not able to after my surgeries in January and February. Spent the time catching up and salvaging the semester grades.

Some of my random thought processes:

I’m comfortable studying up the MCAT without Orgo II and Physics, but understand the risk.

I want to apply early, ie June when I apply.

I really like summer classes, online courses (two of my classes can be taken online - interp of lit, stats).

I really need a mental break . . . my house has some 3 year neglected maintenance, as do my vehicles and probably to be honest my family. I really would like to take this summer off.

Choice #1

Get going right now. Study for the MCAT and get it taken in July. Take Physics II this summer concurrently. Finish up Stats online (about half done). That will give me 20 hours to finish in two semesters. Some hard classes and with work, family and no rest I’m nervous. Family vacation will go forfeit another year, the house will sit, etc.

Choice #2

Relax for 15 days, take 2 months working on the house, going to my girls softball games, mow my grass while slowly starting to study for the MCAT. Take it in September. Gives me time for one more retake if I need it before the new test. Take 2 years to finish the 27 hours, plus take one or two extra classes (ie Genetics) that I might otherwise not take. But matriculate at age 50, 3 years behind my original schedule.

I don’t like either option.

What am I missing? What can you, old premeds like me who understand that extra component of premed stress that is more than grade worry tell me that I should know?

Thanks all, you are all the bomb!


Crepitus -

I think I’d advise the longer schedule. I had hoped to be able to skip my “glide year” by going straignt from a post-bacc program to applying (without MCAT scores yet) for a linked program, but the linkage fell thru.

Starting at 48 or 49 or 50 is all pretty similar. I started premed at 50 (or was it 51?) and will be finished at 57 ( in a week and a half).

The things to prioritize are:

staying sane

being able to have SOME time off with family

doing well in classes

giving yourself enough time to study for MCAT

staying solvent.

That’s just my opinion. I don’t think a 2-3 year difference in age will make any difference to a school who wants you, anyway. And it would not hurt to have a genetics class!

Best wishes. Hope you can make the OPM conference this year or one year.