Need some advice on how to proceed.

Hey folks,

I have a few questions regarding the direction I should take for my premed.

Background: I am 29 and have spent the last 6 years as a nuclear medicine tech working in a cardiology office. I have an AS in nuclear medicine technology and just finished a BA in business admin.(cGPA 3.5) I plan on applying to DO schools.

My first question is about how I should arrange my class schedule? This is what I have roughly mapped out:

Fall of 2013 (enrolled)

Col Chem I

Microbiology (online)

Spring 2014

Col Chem II

Physics I

Summer 2014

Organic I

Physics II

Fall 2014

Organic II

Biochemistry (Online through UNE?)

Jan. 2015

Most of these credits will be from a community college (as I work 40 hr/wk), and some online. I do already have Bio I and A&P under my belt… Now this would put me on pace to matriculate in 2016. My second question is about the MCAT. Should I wait until I have finished my prereq courses and take in Jan 2015? Or, is it possible, with taking a Kaplan prep course in Spring 2014, to move my application cycle up a year?

Do you guys think I am rushing things by taking the MCAT in early 2015? Should I put it off until April '15 and take the new version?

Thanks for your feedback!

We roughly have the same gameplan. Personally, I wouldn’t take the MCAT before finishing Organic Chem.

From my perspective, I would take the current version MCAT in Jan of 2015 and put yourself to matriculate in Fall of 2016, so you won’t have to worry about the new changes.

I have heard mixed reviews about prerequisite courses taken from a CC, although several have gotten in going this route.

With that being said, I would try to take the biochem in a classroom, not online. Most schools don’t require but “strongly suggest”. Taking will enhance your app.

Also, I read that taking orgo and physics together in summer can be a killer. I suggest you consult an advisor.

Good luck on your progress!

I’d suggest only doing orgo I during the summer. Move the physics to the next semester. Move the biochem till after MCAT (can be in progress while you are applying.

Orgo and Orgo LAB are both pretty intensive.


In thinking about it, those January dates are going to go ridiculously fast. If you are shooting for Jan 2015, you need to register day 1 to secure a spot. On a related note, Are you building in enough time for MCAT prep? In my mind, that’s at least 150-200 hours.

Ahh, I didn’t think about those Jan. MCAT days being a hot commodity. Good call!

So I have revamped my schedule a bit…

Fall of 2013 (now)

Chem I

Physics I


Spring of 2014

Chem II

Physics II

Summer of 2014

Organic Chem I

Study for MCAT

Fall 2014

Study for MCAT and take in Sept

Jan of 2015

Retake MCAT if needed

Biochem and Organic II after the MCAT.

This gives me a little more wiggle room and study time. This semester may be a bit tough with three science courses… but if I can’t handle three lower level sciences and a job then I can’t handle med school. Will keep you updated on how it progresses!