New here; hi!

Hello, how is everybody? I am currently an undergraduate student studying psychology at Miami University in Ohio. I have come to the conclusion that I want to pursue a career in medicine. The problem: I am a junior with no time to fulfill the requirements before I graduate.

With that said, I am very interested in taking my pre-med courses elsewhere; preferably at Case Western Reserve University (my family has been around that medical school for generations XD). Would I be applying as an undergraduate? What would be the best approach in this situation? Thanks!


  1. Case Western RU is an example of an MD school that actively recruits non-trads (not that you are all that non-trad!)

  2. Your courses would be post-baccalaureate but still at the undergrad level.

  3. I don’t know if Case has a formal post-bacc or not, but that is generally fairly expensive so you might want to find out if you can take the courses piecemeal. Of course, you might want to acquire a broader biology/science background than just the basic prereqs.

    Best of luck!