New Member 54

Just wanted to say hello. I’m 54, providing care for my 92 yo parent. Doing self paced prep for pre-med. Inorganic chem (currently doing oxidation-reduction calculations), calculus (implicite differentiation) and latin. Looking for premed online. Any suggestions?

Hi! Welcome to OPM!

Check out the AAMC web site for post-baccalaureate premed programs first:

That will tell you what programs are near you. For me personally it was worth the additional cost to be able to get the prereqs done in 1 year and also to get the additional premed advising, prep for application and interview.

Look into what med schools are in your area if you can’t relocate far.


Welcome to the over 50 club!!! We’re just too darn ornery to quit!!

Thank you!!! The URL is a pointer to a great resource. It has pointed me to a local pre-med program I as not aware of that might give me a great head start! Thank you!!!

Right on!! I am not giving up. Even if I’m 100 before I take the MCATs.

No problem! Glad it was helpful!