new to OPM, a lurker no more

Dear Members of OPM,

I am finally posting my introduction and becoming an official contributing member after many months of lurking—I admit it. Like so many of you, I am juggling a full time career (as a professor in another discipline), while (SECRETLY) taking pre-reqs at a nearby community college. I am making my presence known because my journey is approaching the 1-year mark until the MCAT—this is for real, folks.

Because my university requires a signature from my department chair to take classes at our university, I began at the community college nearby. This has been a wonderful choice for me—the tuition, hours, and small class size (remarkably) has made learning the material relatively painless. I chose not to tell any colleagues or new friends (which was painful) about my decision to switch careers because my position is quite involved in the community and university, and I was hired to help build a program in a discipline nowhere connected to medicine.

I have completed a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in my field. I am 32 years old, married, with a 1-year old son. We are happy, committed, and thrilled to take a leap in another direction. I am requesting any words of encouragement and possible stories that are similar…I’m not the only one keeping this a secret from many people in my life, am I? I will be beyond relieved to take the MCAT, apply in June 2013, and make my career change official and public!

(I started from scratch with a DIY post-bacc, I have Orgo I,II and Statistics remaining to fulfill the requirements for medical school in the state I would like to apply, Texas)

This is a wonderful site with incredible people. I look forward to speaking with you all from this point on! I feel and sound a little guarded, but I know that will change as I get closer to making my hopeful career switch a true reality. Thank you all.

Hi and welcome! I can understand not wanting to tell anyone. At this point only my family and two close DO friends know of my DIY post bacc plans. It’s great that you have your spouse to support and encourage you :-). I’m sure others will chime in with similar stories to yours.

Welcome, we are here to support…so let us know if you have any questions.


max11 - welcome out of “lurkerhood” and into (oops, all of a sudden thought “the light of Freemasonry”. No that’s not right!) a community of like-minded career changers. You can tell US about your medical aspirations (and did!). That’s great - very exciting. It’s wonderful that your wife is on board, and I can promise you one thing - it won’t be dull!

Hope your remaining prereqs go well!


  • Kate429 Said:
max11 - welcome out of "lurkerhood" and into (oops, all of a sudden thought "the light of Freemasonry". No that's not right!) Kate

Bwa ha! Thanks for my first chuckle of the day...

Thank you for you greetings! I am happy to be learning from you all on a daily basis. Looking forward to more communication…