New to OPM.

Hello, it’s nice to see that there is a group of people who are in the same boat as I’am. I’m a FireFighter/EMT for Kansas City and have been for seven years. I’m 31, and about three years away from a degree in Biology. As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to Med. School, but life always throws curve balls as you all know. Just thought I’d say hello, I’m excited to learn from others who share the same dream and goal as I do.

Welcome to OPM!

And as gabe will say: “You are amongst the kindered spirits”.

I’m a 33 year old firefighter/paramedic from Atlanta who is also looking forward to medical school. Just wanted to let you know you’re in good company, welcome to OPM!


One of the best docs in the local ED was a San Jose FF for 10 years before going to Med School. I worked as a FF/Paramedic for 5 years (although I have returned to FT EMS as a flight medic for a local HEMS service as part of my plan to get me on the path to Med School). There are a few of us on here for sure! Welcome!

PS – is Kansas City BBQ as good as rumored???

Welcome to OPM!

Thanks everyone.

FPguy, KC bbq is the best!!!

My first healthcare “job” was volunteer firefighter, starting as a senior in high school, for a company that ran engine and ambulance (volunteer company supplemented by paid).

Welcome to OldPremeds!


I am new to this but today, I thought what the h, I am 53 yo and I have always wanted to be a doctor, I have applied to the oceania university of medicine, I have just found out that they have change the curriculum and added organic chemistry. I have always avoided it, but now, I have no choice, guys what do you think about a 53 yo nurse practitioner going back to get the md

If you want it you should go for it. As far as OChem, the last time I took it almost 15 years ago I got a D. Just finished it this semester with an A. I had one of the top 6 grades in the class, it can be done.