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Hi Everyone!

I have wanted to go to med school forever, but life kept happening. I work in medical research, so I deal with a lot of doctors, and I want to be on the other side so badly. I recently found out that the university I just started working for offers tuition assistance to take classes and a light bulb went off in my head. If I take my pre-reqs at this university I can take them for FREE! I am so excited. I’ve already taken Physics 1 and Bio 1 (in college), so it’s my understanding I just have to take Physics 2, Bio 2, Chem 1 & 2, OChem 1 & 2. Anyone have any advice for someone just starting out in this process?

Welcome to Oldpremeds! Good luck as you are figuring out your strategy!


Those are the "old traditional prereqs. Take a peek around at sites for schools you’re interested in. I can’t remember exactly, but some schools require only 1 semester of some courses plus biochem (big part of new mcat) and a soc/psych class. I’m sure others on here are more up to speed on this.

Nothing beats free tuition! Welcome to the fun that is the road to med school.

I didn’t realize they were switching it up. I will look at the schools I’m interested in. Thanks.

Hi! You should double check with your HR that there are no strings attached to that free tuition. Policy at my last company (as with most) stated that partaking in the tuition assistance program confers a time commitment, usually a year. Quitting or being termed before that year is up means that the sum is owed back to the company, and is likely not prorated at all. Find out of there’s such a policy in place for you as an employee.

Welcome to the Merry Pranksters!! Oh, wait, wrong decade…

Welcome to Old Pre Meds!!! It is very true that with the “new” format of the MCAT, both schools, and students, are thrashing about a bit in terms of prerequisites. Went to an admissions forum for SUNY Upstate and they cited , “Well, we are following AAMC recommendations in terms of scores on the MCAT - 500 and balanced 125’s…but we will see where that takes us.” I agree that perusing different schools websites will be useful and helpful. By all means delve into our diaries here on the forum - GREAT inspiration!!!

Hello and welcome! One quick thought was that sometimes the tuition waiver won’t begin until after 6 months of employment, for instance, so that’s worth checking on as well.

I’m still at the applying stage so I feel I don’t have much of anything solid to offer you beyond support itself. I’m glad to see that you’re returning to figure out what you want. Remember that even though this is a long process–you do it one step at a time. Don’t forget or neglect your accomplishments along the way, either.