Hi, everyone. I’m new here and applying now. 37, mom of two (grades 5 and 7), Psychology undergrad, UVA Post-Bacc. I used to be a doula, have volunteered for the past ten years with a couple different organizations devoted to lactation support, and I’ve been a board-certified lactation consultant for the past few years as well. Midwifery is near and dear to my heart, but instead I have decided that I have the time and energy to help improve access to care, treatment of patients, and public health by becoming an MD instead. I’m also big on autonomy. I’ve had a few interviews but no acceptances yet. After so much hard work, it’s hard not to panic. Nice to “meet” everyone.


What a great background! You have a lot to bring to the table and I hope that schools that interview you can see that.

Doc Gray

Me, too! Unfortunately, I’ve heard very mixed messages from doctors. Some think what I’ve done is just great. Others think it’s meaningless. Not a lot in between.

Thank for the encouragement.

Most pediatricians hopefully will be very enthusiastic about your lactation background!

Welcome! Love your Kaylee picture! (yeay, Browncoats!)


@Kate, I heard about you when I applied to UVA PBPM :). Are you in an MD or DO program? I ask because I know a DO instructor/midwife in WV… she might know you.

I’m in the DO program at WVSOM. Nice to think they talked about me - the folks at the UVA PBPM program are awesome! Did you get to meet Dr. Burnett and/or Dr. Powers at your interview?

One of our instructors at WVSOM is a midwife turned DO.


I finished the PBPM in May, so I know them both now, but I only met Drs. Bailey and Powers for my interviews. Burnett was around pretty much every day all year!

If you see Sarita Bennett, say hi for me She teaches where you are and is also a midwife (CPM). Nice to meet you guys. This is a long road.

I love Dr. Burnett

Will pass on your greetings if I get the chance. I’m third year now so no longer having weekly OPP lab, which is where I saw Dr. Bennett. Did chat with her a couple of times about midwifery/ doctoring. Enjoying my clinical rotations!